Red Wine

Red wines vary with regard to taste and colour. The common varieties of Red wine include Merlot, Shiraz, Red Zinfandel, Pinot Noir and cabernet Sauvignon. The alcohol in the wine usually ranges from 12-15 percent.

Red Wine when served cold or chilled, tends to have a bitter taste and when served at say room temperature, tends to give the flavour of the alcohol. Hence wine should be served, just at the right temperature.

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White Wine

White wine is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-colored pulp of grapes, which results can be yellow-golden or yellow-green wines.

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Port Wine

Originally grown and produced along the Douro Valley and up into northern Portugal, port wine is seen as the anthesis of red wine production in Europe, and a testament to the slow growing, laid back wine production techniques in Portugal.

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Sparkling Wine

Seen to all as a symbol of celebration and status, sparkling wines have the reputation of ostentatious fun (as well as the morning after that goes with it).

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