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Irvine Wines and the Best Merlot in the World

Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to wine and this might be a surprise to many, but the climate seems to do well for the grapes.

Wine grape varieties

It also helps to know that professional winemaking families join together to create something spectacular and interesting enough to be added to the list of the best wines in the world and have won “World’s Best Merlot” for three years in a row and were also placed in the top 10 on several occasions as well as being recognised globally as “Australia’s Master Merlot Makers.”

The History

Irvine Wines was established in 1867 by the Miles family and with four generations of Miles behind the business they have established themselves as the largest privately owned premium grape growers in Barossa.

The Miles family own 6 vineyards in Barossa and Eden Valley with 400 acres across prime regions that house the worlds’ oldest Shiraz and Riesling plantings along with James and Marjorie Miles focus on marketing newer plantings of Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Gris and Meslier which were planted in the 1980’s and are ancient varieties from the Champagne region in France.

The soils are old, well drained and 400 metres above sea level with vines that consistently provide good fruit in order for the Miles family to make great wines that have good character.

Located in the Barossa Valley in northeast Adelaide, South Australia is Irvine Wines 3 vineyards.

Barossa Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia with many wineries on the map and the first sign of grape growing here was found in the 1800’s.

The climate is Mediterranean with Shiraz and Riesling grapes as the specialty and with a history of German settlers in the area there are traces of stone cottages and Lutheran churches that have been there since the 19th century, giving the area historical value.

Wines from Irvine

The vineyards

The six vineyards are spread across the valleys;

Ruth’s Block consists of 91 acres and is planted with Shiraz and the soils are well drained with sandy red clay loam over red and yellow clay with a solid limestone pan.

Ben’s Block Penrice was purchased by Brian Miles in 1969 with soils of red sandy loam over red clay in 21 acres with plantings of Shiraz that are over 120 years old as well as some that are 45 years old and there is also plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon.

Brian’s Block Angaston has deep loam over clay soils with 11 acres and vines that are as old as 149 years with the first plantings of Shiraz in the 1800’s.

The vineyard has been passed down from generation to generation and in 1967 Brian Miles planted Riesling and Semillon.

A cellar door is also on the cards for this vineyard.

Eden Valley is a small town located in the Barossa ranges and was named Eden after surveyors had found the name carved into a tree.

It is elevated land at latitude of 34 degrees south and houses 3 of Irvine Wines Vineyards.

Casey’s Vineyard consists of 67 acres in Eden Valley with Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling in sandy loam over clay soils.

Haslemere Vineyard consists of 170 acres planted with Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon in the 1993 with soils that are watered by the two dams which have collected rainwater for the vines to drink making them work for their nutrients with soils that consist of sandy loam, quartz and ironstone on a clay base.

Grand Merlot Vineyard consists of 23 acres in sandy loam over substrata of gravel which has been excellent for optimal drainage.

Their grand Merlot and Merlot plantings have been planted to catch the sun at specific times facing east/west and north.

Wine Grape Varieties
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Irvine’s Wine Collection

The collection consists of 3 labels; Estate, Springhill and Royal.

Estate Collection consists of Cabernet blend, Merlot and Shiraz.

Springhill Collection has Pinot Gris and Merlot

Royal Collection consists of Grand Merlot, Old Vine Merlot and Zinfandel

Estate Collection Shiraz is 100% Shiraz with aromas of blueberries, spices and aniseed along with flavours of dark chocolate, cherry and dark berries.  This wine has a dark red hue and was aged for 18 months in 30% new French oak.

Springhill Collection Merlot 2014 is a bright red, rich and juicy wine with berries, red fruit and bramble flavours along with aromas of plum, red currant, earth and chocolate that has been aged for 12 months in French oak and can cellar for up to 6 years.

Royal Collection Grand Merlot 2010 has aromas of exotic spices with tobacco, leather, briar blossom with ripe fruits and fig notes, flavours of intense red fruits and ageing for 23 months in seasoned Allier oak with a good ageing potential up to 2030.

Visit Irvine

If you want to take a trip to the outback, then a visit to the winery could be interesting as you learn about the history and the making of fine wines that have been produced from vines dating back to the 1800’s.

A taste test and the view of the vineyards could be a great adventure and you might then understand why they have the best Merlot in the World.

Contact Information

Website: https://irvinewines.com.au/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 8 8564 1110

Find Irvine on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Youtube.


PO Box 308
5353 Angaston Eden Valley, Australia


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