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Kamptal Wine Region

A Prestigious Wine District

Kamptal, which is located at about 55 kilometers from Vienna, is often described as the prestigious wine district of Austria.

This wine district, which gets its name from the ‘River Kamp’, is home to the country’s largest wine-producing town called ‘Langenlois’.

With over 4000 hectares under vine cultivation, this wine region is producing some of the world’s finest white wines although red wines are also produced here.

Wine grape varieties

Let’s see about the vine cultivation and wine production in Kamptal which is well-known for its ‘Grüner Veltliner’ and ‘Riesling’ wines …

Climate and Geography of Kamptal Wine Region

The climatic conditions of Kamptal are found to be influenced by the warmer plains of the eastern side and the cooler forests of the western side.

An important factor that supports the growth of wine grapes here is the mesoclimate which is found to have a significant diurnal temperature difference.

This gives the vineyards the warmer ripening days followed by the colder acidity-retaining nights.

To the northern parts of Kamptal, we can find the steeper terraces with fine layers of topsoil. This topography is found to be well-supporting the ‘Riesling’ grape variety.

The world-famous ‘Heiligenstein’ vineyard is located in this zone and the Riesling grapes from this vineyard which are called as ‘Heiligenstein Riesling’ are often described as the finest grapes of Austria.

On the other hand, the signature grape variety of Kamptal, ‘Grüner Veltliner’ is found in the low-lying areas where the soils contain rich amounts of clay and loess.

These contents are responsible for the higher concentration of these wines.

Wine Grapes of Kamptal

Let’s have a quick look at the two major grape varieties of Kamptal.

Grüner Veltliner: This is often referred as the signature grape variety of Austria and so far, this is the nation’s most widely planted vine variety.

Riesling: This light-skinned white wine grape variety from Germany is considered as the finest white wine grape variety in the world.

These wines, which are known to be the country’s flagship wines, are popular in the global wine market as crispy and spicy with finest expressions of citrus aromas.

In addition, these wines would have fresh vegetal notes along with the trademark hints of white pepper. The natural higher acidity levels coupled with the full-bodied texture of this wine make it a welcoming alternative to the world-famous ‘Chardonnay’.

Although the home of Riesling is Germany, this is being produced in Austria in larger quantities.

In Austria, these grapes are mostly made into dry wines.

Alcohol and Distilleries

All about the Kamptal DAC

It was during the year 2008 that the Kamptal wine region has got its DAC promotion.

And yes, you guessed it right!

This promotion was given to recognize the high-quality wines from the Riesling and Grüner Veltliner varieties.

According to the country’s appellation laws, the Kamptal DAC has two sub-categories, which are:

· Kamptal DAC Classic: These wines must be dry with a minimum alcohol level of 12 to 12.5%. These are often described as light and fresh wines. These are found to be permissible and often desirable.
· Kamptal DAC Reserve: These are the wines with 13% or more alcohol. These wines must be more powerful and denser than the classic wines.

In addition, these would have a subtle botrytis and a wood tone which cannot be found in classic wines.

List of Top Kamptal Wines:

· “Zobinger Gaisberg” Riesling
· “Lois” Grüner Veltliner
· “In Gumpoldkirchen” blend
· “Kamptaler Terrassen” Grüner Veltliner
· “Lamm” Reserve Grüner Veltliner
· “Steinsetz” Reserve Grüner Veltliner
· “Gobelsburger” Grüner Veltliner
· “Gobelsburger” Riesling
· Other Grape Varieties of Kamptal:
· Pinot Blanc
· Zweigelt
· Pinot Noir
· Sauvignon Blanc

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