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Try These 5 Amazing Cocktails During Lockdown

Cocktails are one of the most diverse and ever-evolving trends. With time, the spirit recipes tend to get better, both in taste as well as the aroma.

Whether it’s the Christmas dinner or beach-side parties, a glass of sangria can set everything straight. During this lockdown, you can easily prepare the mouth-watering cocktails using the resources available at home.

All you need is the correct recipe and some motivation. Transform your quarantine into a happening one with versatile booze.

Also, don’t forget to make your friends join the celebration on a virtual get together.

Keep reading to know the cocktails that are both easy to prepare as well as a delight to your taste buds.

Indulge In Citrusy Essence Of Mojito

Citrusy Essence of Mojito
Source | Citrusy Essence of Mojito

With just the right amount of lime and lots of mint, this cocktail will surely take you off by surprise. Emerging from the Cuban Streets, Mojito is the best way to brighten up your evenings.

Rum lovers almost always have a soft corner for this drink. This is because of the unbeatable citrusy essence that the lime imparts in it.

Cooldown the summer days during the quarantine with freshly prepared Mojitos. Along with this, pair up the savory dishes that go well with this ecstatic drink.

How To Make Mojito?

Start with gathering the required ingredients like mint, rum, soda water, sugar, and lime. Place some lime and mint in the glass and crush the same.

You can easily observe the mint oils after a few minutes of crushing. Further, add some more lime to bring the best out of mint leaves. Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour some rum over it.

In the end, add the soda water to finish preparing the delightful drink.

Mouth-Watering Pairings

  • Yucatan Shrimp to fulfill your seafood cravings with a refreshing glass of Mojito. Add on extra butter to enrich and make the meal an appetizing one.
  • Lime Pie Cupcakes taste the best with minty mojitos. However, don’t forget to garnish the cakes with graham crackers to make it a crunchy one.

Fruity Punch Of Red Sangria

Fruity punch of red Sangria
Source | Fruity punch of red Sangria

If you’re craving a fruity cocktail to enjoy the summers, then Sangria is just the perfect drink.

What makes the drink better is that it’s extremely easy to prepare and loaded with lots of nutrients. You get to taste the sweet aroma of Stella Rosa with crispy fruits and lots of Brandy.

Gather your favorite fruits to prepare this delicious cocktail during the lockdown. In case you aren’t fond of Brandy, you can add to your favorite liquors as well.

Some popular sangria variants like Tequila Sangria, Extra Virgin Sangria, and Ruby Red One are the favorite of every red wine lover.

Don’t wait, kickstart your mornings with crispy Spanish Delicacy and the best food pairings now.

How To Prepare Sangria?

Get hold of necessary ingredients like Garnacha, Brandy, Ripe Fruits, and Sweeteners. Just add some red wine in a glass and fill it with Brandy.

Further, mix the sweetening agents and garnish the drink with lots of ripe fruits. You can also add some maple syrup to bring the best out of red wine.

Savory Pairings

  • Olives, Cheese, and Vegetable Paella bring the ideal Spanish Meal on your table. All you need to do is prepare a chilled red sangria with it.
  • Mediterranean Tomato Dips also taste heavenly with this Spanish drink. Other than that, Almost every Mexican food works well.

Tangy Cranberry Flavor Of Cosmopolitan

Tangy cranberry flavor of cosmopolitan cocktail
Source | Tangy cranberry flavor of cosmopolitan cocktail

For ages, cranberry juice proves its utility in fresh coolers as well as liquor combinations.

Cosmopolitan, enriched with the goodness of Triple Sec topped up by cranberry juice, is the favorite of all. No cocktail party is complete without this aesthetically appealing drink that satiates your buds.

Vodka lovers crave the tangy yet sweetish flavor of this cocktail. What’s even better is that the drink arises from the booze capital, i.e., Manhattan.

Cosmo lovers also fancy the slightly bitter taste of another drink arising from the same place, namely Manhattan. You must try this out to make the boring lockdown days worth cherishing.

Moreover, it will surely make you want more.

How to Prepare Cosmopolitan?

Collect the necessary ingredients like Triple Sec, Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Lime. Add all the ingredients in the cocktail glass and mix it thoroughly.

You can garnish the drink in multiple ways. The first technique is pretty easy and includes the lemon wedge only.

However, the second one revolves around heating the orange zest to bring out its oils for better flavor and taste.

Eye-Catchy Pairings

  • Cheese and Crackers make the best Cosmopolitan pairings. The tangy yet strong taste of the cocktail complements the smooth texture of cheese just right. Also, crackers provide the much-needed crunch to the drink.
  • Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce is yet another pairing that every Cosmo lover must try. This cocktail enriches the flavor of every seafood and Shrimp is undoubtedly the best one.

Limey Flavor Of Long Island Iced Tea

Limey Flavor Of Long Island Iced Tea
Source | Limey Flavor Of Long Island Iced Tea

Here’s a cocktail that might knock you off your feet after gulping down a few glasses only.

Long Island Iced Tea or LIIT is not your regular light cocktail. Prepared using a variety of spirits, this drink is surely an addictive and savory one.

All you need is Vodka, Gin, Tequila, and Triple Sec to create the best cocktail ever.

Experts often regard LIIT as one of the most alcoholic cocktails available.

With the right number of variations and a taste to cherish for a lifetime, LIIT is the perfect drink for late-night beach parties.

How To Prepare LIIT?

Start with fetching the different liquors and ingredients required for preparation.

After you have the Gin, Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, and Tequila, collect a few ounces of cola and lime juice as well. Fill them all in a cocktail shaker and shake the mixture nicely.

In the end, pour the cocktail in a glass and garnish it with a lemon wedge. Don’t forget to bring out the tea flavor with splashes of cola.

Ecstatic Pairings

  • Cheeseburgers that are grilled nicely go well with a glass of strong and chilled LIIT. However, don’t forget to add the cola for the much-needed Ice Tea like flavor.
  • Steaks and Grilled Chicken topped up with the herbal seasonings are just perfect for Long Island Iced Tea. With just the right amount of grill, this meal will surely brighten up your dinner parties.

Caffeine Delight With Espresso Martini

Caffeine Delight With Espresso Martini
Source | Caffeine Delight With Espresso Martini

What could be better than a cocktail that takes away your drowsiness with its boozy after-effects?

Espresso Martini is not the regular Martini that you had last Christmas. Filled with the coffee-like aroma and a taste to cherish for eternity, this drink is a must-try during the quarantine.

You might want to collect the ingredients beforehand to prepare the drink in a hassle-free manner. Invented by a popular British Bartender, this cocktail emerged as the best in 2019.

If you’re a Vodka lover, then the drink will be a flavored delight to your taste buds.

However, make sure to garnish the cocktail with a few coffee beans and espresso coffee. The usage of any other coffee type is strictly not recommended.

How To Prepare Espresso Martini?

Gather ingredients like Vodka, Syrup, Coffee Liquor, and Espresso Coffee. Mix each one of them in a cocktail maker and shake it thoroughly.

Pour the mixture in a cocktail glass and garnish with some coffee powder and beans. You can also add some ice in the cocktail maker for serving it chilled and light.

Flavor-packed Pairings

  • Nutty Biscotti perfectly balances out the rich espresso flavors of this drink. While pairing the ecstatic foods with this drink, think of every foodstuff that you eat with your morning coffee.
  • Chocolate Mud Cake is yet another amazing dessert option to pair with your strong espresso-inspired drink. Enjoy the chocolatey essence of cakes with the bitter-sweet aroma of coffee.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the perfect cocktail, you might end up in a big dilemma. But, you can always try out each of the drinks one by one during the lockdown.

Some of the most favorite cocktails like Cosmo, LIIT, Martini, and Mojito possess the capability to brighten up your summers.

Other than that, you can also try the fruity sangria on days when you don’t feel like drinking anything strong.

Overall, these cocktails might transform the boring quarantine into a memorable one. Refer to the drinks mentioned to prepare as well as pair the foodstuff smartly.

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