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5 Camping Destinations Perfect For Every Wine Lover

Camping provides the opportunity to enjoy the serenity right in the lap of mother nature. If you’re a sommelier, you must try going on a wine vacation now and then.

For such purposes, you need to research about the ecstatic camping locations loaded with spectacular vineyards and delicious food pairings.

Make sure to consider the authentic wine locations that gave birth to the noble grapes. From the spicy merlots of Bordeaux to the mouth-watering fruity essence of the cabernet, you must try it all on your camping spree.

Keep reading to know the top wine camping destinations to experience the ultimate wine tasting and commendable sceneries.

1. Toscany, Italy

Camping for Wine in Tuscany, Italy
Source | Camping for Wine in Tuscany, Italy

Here’s the Italian gem popular for it’s Chianti and mouth-watering Italian delicacies. Wine lovers often visit this city to experience the wine tasting like never before.

If you’re bored of the crowded streets of Milan, then head out towards the North-west to enjoy the beautiful vineyards, historic castles, and breath-taking mountains. When in Tuscany, make sure to spend the nights camping on the Apuan Alps under the bright skies.

Also, buy some authentic chianti to keep you warm and entertained by the bonfire. You might want to prebook the camping slots to prevent the last minute hassles. However, don’t forget to carry the roof rack tent to enjoy the wine camping experience anytime.

Popular Wineries

●     Castello di Nipozzano is a winery built a thousand years ago by the authentic winemakers. Along with top-notch wine tasting, the staff also introduces you to the popular cellars where the authentic Chianti gets prepared. You also get to have a look at the popular vineyards and old kitchen area.

●     Capezzana offers one of the best Chianti tasting experiences along with ecstatic cookery school and olive grooves. During the summertime, you must visit this place to gaze at the rare Florence’s Duomo followed by vin santo tasting opportunity.

2. Sonoma, California

Camping for Wine in Sonoma California
Source | Camping for Wine in Sonoma California

California is home to some of the best wines as well as aesthetic wineries. In case you happen to visit the state, make sure to spend a night or two in the popular wine destination, namely Sonoma Valley.

With the adjoining Napa Valley, you get the astonishing experience to explore two wine valleys at the same time. With the full-bodied wine camping experience, you can create much-needed experiences.

Along with this, it will fulfill the desires of the sommelier inside you. All you need to do is sip on some authentic wines with the delicious Californian pairings on your campsite.

Popular Wineries

  • Rhine Mansion or Beringer is the ecstatic winery that highlights the real wine production scenario in this region. You get to taste the wines prepared from top-notch vineyards and effective cellars. Also, the experts provide adequate wine education for all the wine lovers out there.
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery, the modern winery equipped with every facility like swimming pool, movie theatre, versatile dining areas, and bocce courts. When in Sonoma, make sure to try the red blend wine which is the valley’s specialty.

3. Bordeaux, France

Camping for Wine at Bordeaux France
Source | Camping for Wine at Bordeaux France

If you’re a red wine fan, make sure to go on a camping spree in this French region. The red wine of Bordeaux derives its name from the city named Bordeaux situated in the heart of France.

The place is home to the noble grapes like cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Apart from the mouth-watering wines, you get to explore the breath-taking sceneries of the huge vineyards.

Once you get bored with the wineries, head out and eat the delicacies at the Michelin-starred restaurants. You might pair these popular foods with the classic cabernet sauvignon.

Popular Wineries

  • Chateau d’Agassac offers themed tours for all the visitors who wish to know more about the origin as well as the production of the authentic wines. Also, the ultimate wine tasting experience is the highlight of this top-notch winery. The winery also provides entertainment for children like adventure tours and treasure hunts.
  • Chateau La Dominique provides the top-notch cellars, wine tasting guides, and Merlot reds. You also get to explore the UNESCO listed town which is right next to this ecstatic winery. Have a glass of cabernet and enjoy the trip with your loved ones.

4. Porto, Portugal

Camping for Wine in Portugal
Source | Camping for Wine in Portugal

Are you fond of the Portuguese sweet wine enriched with the goodness of cherries and honey? If yes, then you must fulfill your cravings through a wine camping trip straight to Porto.

Famous for the authentic Port wine, this place offers the sommeliers a true delight. You might experience the viticulture, and wine production live with the top-notch vineyards and cellars.

If this fails to amaze you, then head out and explore the astounding wineries lined up in the city. Don’t forget to grab a few bottles for your acquaintances as a token of love. What makes the trip even more amazing is the history lesson the world-famous Port Wine Museum offered.

Popular Wineries

  • Ferreira is an ecstatic winery that provides you the opportunity to taste 2 to 5 authentic wine varieties right from the cellar. What’s even better is that you get to learn more about the Douro region and the history of port wine production. The wine tours featuring 200 years old cellars and Dona’s residing area is a show-stealer.
  • Graham’s Port Lodge is one of the oldest wineries of this region loaded with old cellars and mouth-watering wines. You might choose from the options available, like a visit to the museum or a spacious wine tasting room with the minimal crowd.

5. Willamette Valley, Oregon

Camping for Wine in 5.	Willamette Valley, Oregon
Source | Camping for Wine in 5. Willamette Valley, Oregon

To fulfill your camping desires and the old and spicy wines, make sure to pay a visit to this 150-mile stretch containing more than 500 wineries. Willamette Valley, situated in Oregon, is one of the most popular wine destinations worldwide.

You must taste the popular Pinot Noir varieties that obtain their origin from the Oregonian premises. Along with this, the cascade mountain’s camping experience is a must experience for every viticulture enthusiast.

Don’t forget to collect a few ecstatic Pinot bottles from the popular wineries.

Popular Wineries

  • 3 Fools Winery, the winery that takes utmost care of their wine production, is a must-visit. Due to their savory flavors and authentic spices, you are likely to fall in love with the spirits. The owners make it a point to collect the best grapes and craft the most delicious wines possible.
  • A to Z Wineworks is the go-to winery if you like uniqueness in the viticulture practices. The winemakers in this winery adhere to certain biochemical procedures to craft the perfect wines. Also, the Pinot-Noirs produced is extremely mouth-watering and will leave you wanting for more.

Final Verdict

Sommeliers worldwide wish to embark upon a wine camping spree that allows them to taste the authentic wines.

There are many wine camping destinations all over the globe. However, only a few offer the top-notch delicacies and savory wine tasting experiences.

You must research and find out the places with fantastic wineries and wine production methodologies. If you’re fond of viticulture, make sure to gather some information about the wine-producing regions.

Refer to the top wine camping locations to enlighten your mind and fulfill your wine cravings with astounding noble grapes.

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