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What are the best drinks to have on a date for Valentine’s Day?

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is on to find fun, new ways to show and celebrate your love.

How about making some sexy, romantic drinks to share with your partner?

Here are 7 simple drinks you can make at home.

Best drinks for date on Valentine's Day
Best drinks for date on Valentine’s Day

1. Love Martini

With such an apt name for this drink, date night on Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot easier.

The Love Martini combines the flavors of rum, peach schnapps and vodka to create a balanced cocktail with a tropical feel that perfectly matches your heart leggings.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Love Martini
Love Martini, Image source


  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Malibu Rum.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Peach Schnapps.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Vodka.
  • 132 ml (3 shots) of Cranberry Juice.
  • 2 strawberries for garnish.
  • Lime wedge as well as sugar to rim the glass, optional.


  • Make strawberry heart garnish by cutting a small ‘V’ at the top to remove the stem then cut it into slices.
  • Mix the Malibu Rum, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and Cranberry Juice gently together in a shaker with ice.
  • Pour into a prepared Martini glass, garnish with the strawberry hearts and enjoy!

2. Pretty-in-Pink Champagne Cocktail

Our minds associate certain smells with pleasure, and a glass or two of champagne to celebrate your love on Valentine ’s Day is simply one of life’s little pleasures.

Research conducted by scientists in 2009 found that champagne bubbles contain aromatic particles that burst right under the nose and send pleasure signals to the brain.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Pretty-in-pink Champagne Cocktail
Pretty-in-Pink Champagne Cocktail , Image source

Not only will you look amazing walking around in your romper dress with this drink in hand, but also just a sip of this cocktail will be a pleasure for all your senses.


  • 22 ml (½ shot) of St Germain.
  • 44 ml (1 shot) of Vodka.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of grapefruit juice plus more to dip the glass rim.
  • 1 tablespoon of Cocktail sugar.
  • 4 fresh Raspberries.
  • Champagne.


  • Dip the rim of the champagne glass in grapefruit juice and press into cocktail sugar.
  • Place the raspberries in the flute.
  • Add St Germain, vodka and grapefruit juice.
  • Top off with champagne and voila!

3. Floradora cocktail

Often termed as ‘the original girly drink’, the Floradora was a huge hit among New York elite in the 50s.

The name of this drink was inspired by the first Broadway musical hit in the 1900s and was originally spelled as ‘Florodora’.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Floradora cocktail
Floradora cocktail , Image source


  • 44 ml (1 shot) of Gin.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Fresh Lime-Juice.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Crème-de-Framboise Liqueur.
  • 118 ml (2½ shots) of Ginger Ale.


  • In a highball glass filled with ice, lime juice, pour the gin, and framboise.
  • Top with ginger ale and garnish with a lime wedge.

This tall, refreshing, beautifully pink cocktail is a favorite among the ladies.

4. The Heartbreaker

Don’t be fooled by the name. Not only does it have an amazing color, but this rum-based cocktail is also sweet and crisp with a very smooth finish.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker , Image source


  • 44 ml (1 shot) of Sailor Jerry-Rum.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Grenadine.
  • 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • Club Soda.
  • Ice
  • For garnish, Maraschino Cherry.


  • Combine all the ingredients apart from the garnish and club soda into a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake several times until completely mixed.
  • Strain into a glass, then top with club soda before garnishing with the cherry.
  • Serve.

5. Kiss-on-the-Lips

You’re probably going to get kissed on the lips on Valentine’s Day, so why not start with the cocktail before you move to the real thing?

This fruity cocktail is a favorite on cruises and combines the flavors of mango, peach, and cherries.

Mangoes have long been considered to be fruits of love, which makes this cocktail perfect to share with your partner.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Kiss-on-the-Lips
Kiss-on-the-Lips , Image source


  • 44 ml (1 shot) of Peach Schnapps.
  • 147 ml of Frozen Mango-Mix, or Mango Chunks.
  • 1 tablespoon of grenadine.
  • 2 cups of crushed ice.


  • Blend the peach schnapps, crushed ice, and mango until smooth.
  • Pour grenadine into the bottom of a cocktail glass, then pour the mixture on top.
  • Garnish with a cherry and serve.

6. Chocolate Cherry-Cha-Cha

Is there anything more romantic than chocolate?

A study done by scientists found out that eating chocolate causes the brain to release dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Chocolate Cherry-Cha-Cha

This causes someone to be in the mood for love and romance.


  • 29 ml (½ shot) of Cherry Liqueur.
  • 44 ml (1 shot) of Malibu Coconut-Rum.
  • 14 ml (¼ shot) of Chocolate Vodka.
  • 14 ml (¼ shot) of Sparkling Water.


  • Chill all the ingredients beforehand.
  • In a Martini glass, pour all the ingredients starting with the cherry liqueur, chocolate vodka, Malibu coconut rum, and finish with the sparkling water.
  • Stir and serve.

7. Romance

A cocktail called Romance on the most romantic day of the year is the perfect way to celebrate love, don’t you think?

This cocktail is truly decadent, combining coffee as well as chocolate and cream flavors.

This is a sinfully sweet drink that goes really well with a shared slice of cake.

Best drinks on a date for Valentine’s Day - Romance


  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Tia Maria.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Carolan’s Irish Cream.
  • 22 ml (½ shot) of Dark Crème-de-Cacao.
  • 30 ml of Heavy Cream.


  • In a shaker, combine all the ingredients with ice and shake well.
  • Garnish with speared cherries and serve.

So there you have it. Which of these romantic drinks will you be preparing for your partner this Valentine’s Day?

Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s by serving them one of these amazing drinks.

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