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How to remove the stain from Red Wine

by | Jan 20, 2020

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Red Wine does tend to stain a lot. Hence it is important to know how to remove the stain, if in case the wine spills. In order to remove Wine stains, one needs to follow the following procedure

Red Wine stains

Wine grape varieties


  1. Dab or blot the excess spill.
  2. Apply salt on the material on which wine has fallen. This salt tends to soak up the excess liquid if any, and also prevents it from seeping further
  3. White Wine can be applied in order to neutralize the stain
  4. On the stain, baking soda needs to be applied, which also helps remove the wine stain
  5. After this wash the garment with normal water using a laundry detergent. Hot water should be avoided as it tends to set the stain.

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Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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First published: 2015.02.26, rev. 2019.02.27


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