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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wine Tour Destination

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Wine tours are among the most common plan that adds up in our bucket list.

The idea of walking through the enchanting vineyards lit beautifully in the sunlight with the fresh aroma of the grapes brimming the air sounds calming and serenading.

If you are a wine enthusiast then a wine tour is definitely the best way to get to know more about the process of preparing this delicious drink and understanding more about it while you sip some and watch the gorgeous sight of seamless vineyards.

But for a wine tour virgin, the choices could make it pretty confusing given you have plenty of choices to begin your wine tour adventures from.

These 5 perfect tips will be the ultimate guide to help you choose your perfect wine destination that promises to give an experience of a lifetime.

5 Perfect Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wine Tour Destination
Source: https://www.softwareassociates.co.in/iot-vineyard/

1.  Start with the type of wine

Each wine tour has an individual range of wine tasting experiences that are available. So the destination you pick will determine the types of wine you will get to experience.

Hence, make this an important parameter to narrow down your destination.

If you have a good hold of your wine varieties and would like to experience some classic old varieties then look for old wineries that will offer an exquisite variety of elegantly aged bottles.

Certain regions produce red or white or have a distinct blend of fruity or floral based on their processes and practices.

So shortlist the destination based on the type of wine you would like to taste.

For example, if you like to enjoy red varieties then you should look for regions that dominantly produce the same or maybe you would wanna try white wine this time.

2.  Destinations with more than just winery

Do not choose wine tours where all you can do is spend an entire day walking through the same vineyard over and again.

Vineyards usually extend to large areas and they probably have more than one winery in the region.

Choose destinations that have a couple of wineries or other places that you can visit during your tour so you have a little more than just the wineries to enjoy and experience.

Also, look for destinations that have authentic food available close to the wineries to make sure you enjoy these amazing drinks with some local cuisine to make the experience more fun.

A wine tasting should be a cultural experience and hence make sure you get a chance to soak in the local culture during the tour.

5 Perfect Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wine Tour Destination
Source: https://www.everythingqueenstown.com/blog/2017-05/what-are-the-best-wine-tours-in-queenstown.63/

3.  Match the time of the year with the best time to visit

Well this should be among the most important aspects to consider before planning any trip. Visiting different places at the best time of the year can enhance the entire experience.

The best time might mean about suitable weather, favorably activities, etc. But the best time of the year for individual regions impacts the kind of experience you can have during your travel and make it quite comfortable and enjoyable.

Grape harvest time is an ideal time to visit these places to watch these vineyards filled with ripe fruits.

But apart from this, you can align the kind of experience you wish to derive from your vineyard visit with the right time for the same to have a good time.

4.  Research about tours or tastings

Wine tours are generally focussed on experiencing the mystic beauty of the ethereal vineyards and understanding about the process of winemaking whereas wine tasting is about sipping a variety of intricately crafted masterpiece drinks.

A wine tour may or may not have a scheduled tasting in the end. So it is important to decide what type of experience you would like through the tour to determine the right destination for the same.

Not all wineries offer a tour and not all wine tasting gives you a chance to connect with the grounds and know about winemaking. Once you decide the kind of experience you would like from the tour you can narrow down to a few destinations.

5 Perfect Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wine Tour Destination
Source: http://www.destem.com/

5.  The kind of atmosphere you would like

Not all wine tours involve walking through the pristine green vineyards and mystic mountains to accompany alone.

Sometimes you might also get to experience the historical beauty of the destination as a part of the tour.

Hence the kind of atmosphere you enjoy the most plays an important role in determining the right destination to look for. Certain tours give a private experience which would be an intimate romantic getaway whereas others give you a tour through the remains of the elegant and rustic architecture from the past that embodies the vineyards that would be a sip of history along with this divine drink.  

Wine tours can also be a great way of moving away from your comfort zone to experience new environments. These are the perfect places to unleash the curiosity in you to question and know more about the destination as well about the wine varieties.

Instead of making this simply about trying some wine, try to explore options that give you the chance to enjoy the culture, architecture and the environment on the whole. Open up your mind to new experiences and wine varieties in order to enjoy the tour thoroughly.

The mode of transportation also matters and hence determine destination based on your preference. While some places support a sporty road trip on a Suzuki DR650 to the vineyards some might need you to stick with a classy Vespa tour and in a few, you might just need to explore on feet.

Keep these points in mind while you choose your destination to derive the best form the experience.

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