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5 Tips To Remember While Packing Wine For Your Next Trip

The next few months will suffocate you within the four walls of your house. Summer is the time when you escape to some chilling hilly place and set your camp or go on hiking a trail.

It is time for summers, and you might die out of exhausting sun rays if you drink a little. People who are beer lovers would pack plenty of beer cans in their backpacks.

However, there are more benefits of packing wine over a beer to the campsite or mountain hike excursions. This article is for all those oenophiles who never forget to pack wine with them on each trip.

Tips to remember while packing wine for travel
Source | Tips to remember while packing wine for travel

You might wonder why reading an entire article on packing wines tips with you on your next journey!

Because carrying wine bottles with all your other travel essentials is tricky. Your suitcases may squeeze out badly of the conveyor belts, or the flight luggage carriers might not greet your backpacks well.

In all such cases, I’m sure you won’t wish that your expensive red liquid does not wet your clothes inside the bag. Here’s the complete guide, a key to bringing a wine bottle safe and sound with no airport breakups or car journey spills.

Consider these handy tips thoughtful for avoiding it!

Kermit with Rosé Wine
Source | Kermit with Rosé Wine

1. Wrap wine bottles in a cloth, bubble wrap, or something soft

People who are repetitive travelers have a habit of carrying all their favorite liquor for the voyage. To secure your wine bottle till the last site, you hit on, wrapping it in a cloth is not too impractical.

Make a layer of the tee, sweater, stroll, or jeans around the wine bottle and make a knot so that the layers do not open to scathe the wine bottle. You can also put a bottle of wine into the soft toys of your kids.

If you want to take no risk, pack the wine bottles in bubble wrap and place it in the luggage. Making a cover out of these three things will ensure that the wine bottle has an outer shield.

Before the damage strikes the bottle directly, it might not cause any effect because of the wrapped layer. This way, you save your alcohol bottle, carrying no extra weight!

Store the bottles safe
Source | Store the bottles safe

2. Ship in a box or ship directly

If you are purchasing multiple wine bottles from a store or winery itself, try to ask them for handing you the wine bottles in a wine-shipper box. The wine-shipper box is a perfect arrangement to keep your wine bottles untouched, untampered, and safe inside. The Styrofoam moldings inside the box hold the wine bottles tight and ideally in their place.

A standard wine-shipper box has space for six or twelve wine bottles that allow no movement of bottles inside, avoiding the fear of breaking by collision.

Alternatively, if you want to be 100 percent sure about the wine bottles remaining unbroken, you can opt-out for direct shipping.

Some airlines allow a shipment of sealed shipping boxes of wine made with cardboards. This way, you can be rid-off of the burden of taking care of wine bottles until you reach the destination. You will find the wine bottles waiting to welcome you nicely!

Shield the wine in a bottle bag or box
Source | Shield the wine in a bottle bag or box

3. Shield the wine bottle with a bottle guard

What if you are not flying to your travel destination, despite driving on your own? The challenging roads might not win the battle against your super driving, but your wine bottles may give up. To ensure the safety of the wine bottles, one can use bottle guards to keep wine bottles into it.

A single bottle wooden guard can take enough care of a wine bottle. You can utterly stock a wine bottle in the box guard and stack up on your single cab roof rack safely.

A substitute for using the box guard is to use a neoprene-made bottle protector. This material belongs to the polychloroprene family and is the same material used for making the scuba diving suits. This bottle protector is in the shape of a wine bottle and has side-locks made of velcro.

You can place a wine bottle in one bottle protector and carefully pack it in the luggage with other items.

"Champagne" Freixenet gift wrapped
“Champagne” Freixenet gift wrapped

4. Make a separate room for wine bottles in your luggage

If you don’t want to make any extra investment in purchasing a bottle guard or pay additionally for the wine shipper box, you can go for packing wine bottles straight in your luggage.

Keep them vertical in your handbag or backpack in a position that does not involve much movement.

Also, there is a vertical leather messenger bag available in the market ideal for taking two wine bottles at a time. You can cover pack wine bottles into a net foil or some soft linen and place it vertically in the bag. It will be safe and always near you.

Sparkling wine at the ocean
Source | Sparkling wine at the ocean

5. Know all the airport guidelines for carrying wine bottles

A pro tip, never remain unaware about the airport guidelines for carrying wine and other alcoholic drinks in the flight. Usually, airlines allow wine carrying in the checked-baggage with specific restrictions. A flight passenger can only bring less than or equal to five liters of liquor with 24-70 percent alcohol content limits.

The handbags took inside the flight can only contain alcohol drinks in 3.4 ounces flasks, and no more than that. Knowing it is necessary because nobody likes surprises from the airport security and unexpectedly spoiling the picture of having drinks with a couple of favorite people on travel!

Final Thoughts

It’s true, having two glasses of wine at your home is peaceful, although you only need to work on serving it in the glasses! Perhaps, carrying wine bottles with you on the trip for a company till the last date is a bit complicated.

With these handy tips, I guarantee that you can have your favorite wines in your hotel room, and make meals more fascinating with friends & families.

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