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Which Types of Wines Are Good for the Skin?

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People drink wine and other alcoholic products to de-stress, to get relief from emotional pain, to experiment, and to party.

But having anything in excess quantity could be injurious.

Drinking has always been a part of social and religious customs. People celebrate happy news with a bottle of wine.

So, it is a regular at weddings and baby births. Is it because wine makes you feel euphoric?

A few of the alcoholic drinks, when consumed in moderation, can be beneficial for health and skin too.

So, please check out the healthy ones below and choose wisely.

Red wine is the healtiest wine for the skin
Source | Healthy Wine for the Skin

Red Wine: The Healthiest of All

People have been using alcohol-drinks for ages in a variety of ways to improve their skin condition. Be it using a Blanton Bourbon as a toner or a wheat beer for scalps, they have some effective benefits to help skin look better. While there is no doubt about many of them having their impressive uses, it is the red wine that has maximum advantages to offer.      

The red color of the wine comes from the grape skin, and it is filled with antioxidants. It has chemicals like flavonoid, resveratrol, and tannin that restore the texture of the upper skin surface. It helps you prevent sagging of skin and wrinkles.

Red wine has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties too. So, you can reduce acne and pimples. It has polyphenols that give your skin a natural glow. People use it directly in face masks.

Red wine has fewer calories and helps you to slim down. It increases the level of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and keeps your heart healthy.

A chemical called quercetin in red wine can prevent colon and breast cancer. It also reduces the chances of having strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. It increases blood circulation to the scalp and prevents hair loss.

Wine with Pinot Noir, Syrah (Shiraz), Cabernet, and/or Merlot grapes are a few of the healthiest red wines.

Some Worthy Mentions

Apart from our winner- the Red Wine, that we mentioned earlier, there are some other options which you must check out.

There is an endless number of other wines that might not match the benefits of Red wines for your skin, but they certainly do come with their advantages that you just cannot ignore.

Below are some of these worthy mentions that deserve to occupy your glass and provide you with the skin benefits that it comes with.

White Wines: The Calorie Cutter

Red wine has the grape skin and is full of vitamins and minerals. These chemicals are responsible for positive effects such as glowing skin and lustrous hair.

But white wine varieties like Riesling, pinot grigio, and Vino Verde have fewer calories than the red wines.

They also have a higher level of antioxidants and are more beneficial for weight loss and anti-aging effects.

Moreover, when white wines are made with red grapes, they tend to have the same health benefits as that of red wine.

French champagne is a good example. It is a white wine but is made of red Pinot Noir grape. 

Rose Wine: Millennia’s Favorite

It turns out that our obsession with pink is not very harmful. Rose wines tend to have all the benefits of red wine and have fewer calories than that of red wine.

At times rose wines are made by blending white and red wines, especially American rose wines, use the mixing technique.

So, you get the pluses of both.

Another advantage of rose wine is the presence of potassium. It helps you lower the blood pressure and inflammation. So, it is suitable for the skin too.

Which Wines Are Good for the Skin
Source | Which Wines Are Good for the Skin

Getting the Best of Wines: Skin-Friendly Cocktails

Cocktails with freshly squeezed fruit juices and veggie extracts are full of vitamins and minerals essential for glowing skin. So, add carrots to get a dose of Vitamin A and reduce dark spots and blemishes. The combinations of these healthy ingredients along with wines make for a perfect drink for your skin. Leafy vegetables like parsley are rich in iron and brighten your complexion. You can even add coconut, which is not only good for your skin but has a multitude of health benefits.

Wine can be beneficial for health and skin too
Source | Cocktails

Cocktails are more fun as you can have a billion flavors and have them in your coffee or protein shake.

With more sugar, they taste better, but they still have alcohol, and you should be careful not to have too many glasses at the party.

Alcohols give you an instant high and raise the feel-good quotient. You might wish to relive your emotional pain or drink it out of peer pressure.

It is quite common in parties and festivals. For young people, consuming wine gives an adult feeling.

So, your reasons to drink can be many. But one has to keep in mind that all the health benefits of wine are applicable only when it is consumed in lesser quantities.

Binge drinking could have life-threatening consequences. It could drag you easily into addiction and cause irreversible damage to your liver and intestine.

Thus moderate-drinking can be beneficial, whereas irresponsible drinking could play havoc in your life.

Harold Camaya

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