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Up for Wine Tasting in Europe? 5 Tours You can Definitely Think About

There is no question that there are several places around the world where one can experience the magic of wine. Europe is the top wine-producing area, rendering it as one of the world’s finest wine-travel destinations.

European wine-making contributes to over two-thirds of the world’s consumption. Over most of the years, France and Italy took turns controlling the wine-producing sector.

Visiting European wineries is a fantasy for almost every wine lover. These premium wine regions are characterized by impressively excellent vineyards, warm and sunny climate, beautiful mountainsides, and of course, great food.

When you are a wine enthusiast and would like to experience these European wineries for yourselves, you need to schedule a trip to some of Europe’s best wine attractions, which will have you stunned by their beauty and elegance.

Not only can you have the taste of excellent wines at such places, but you could also discover how they are made and indulge yourself in the local customs. Also, you might consider renting dirt bikes to take the tour of vineyards; it can certainly add up to your experience.

We have curated a list with the top 5 tours for Wine Tasting in Europe. Check it out below:

5 wine tours in Europe
Source | 5 wine tours in Europe

Wine tours for France

A real wine lover must know about the wondrous varieties of wine produced in France, and one simply cannot miss the vineyards here.

France does have a centuries-old heritage in the wine business, with several areas of wine production in the past stretching back to the Roman period. There is a wide variety of variations to pick from there, no matter whether the preference is red or white.

Loire Valley, Pessac, Bordeaux, Pauillac, Verdigny, Burgundy consist of the best vineyards in France.

The impressive wine ecosystems make this one of the most sought after places for wine tourism. Champagne seems to be a popular choice for a day tour from Paris.

Wine tour France
Source | Wine tour France

Wine tours for Italy

We have all heard a lot about the famous Italian wines. Lucky are those who get to visit the vineyards in Italy and get a taste of their exquisite wines. Regardless of where you are in Italy, you’d locate a beautiful vineyard nearby.

Italy’s varied areas with broad shorelines and various mountainous regions permit the production of magnificent wines. Ca’ del Bosco, Tezza Winegrowers, Ceretto, Planeta are some of the most famous vineyards in Italy. Don’t miss Piedmont as it is very well-known for its outstanding red wines.

Tourists get a variety of diverse styles of scenery and wine encounters. Italy is gradually becoming one of the best wine attractions, after France.

You are in for a treat if you’re a lover of elite whites. Visiting this scenic area might be the perfect way to gain more insight into and experience the famous Italian wines amid the foods that render this place so abundant in culinary treats.

Wine tour Italy
Source | Wine tour Italy


Hungary is the underdog among the famous vineyards in Europe. In recent years, Hungary has been making its way back to the wine game.

Tokaj happens to be the most renowned wine region in the country. From sweet wines to dry wines, Tokaj produces all the variants for the wine connoisseurs. The most loved and well-known wine here is the Aszu wines.

Apart from Tokaj, there’s Villany, Lake Balaton, Eger, and Szekszard that make Hungary one of the famous tourist spots for the wine lovers.

Wine tour Hungary
Source | Wine tour Hungary

Wine Tours for Germany

While Germany does not have the famous old wine-making heritage, now you can find miles of vineyards with majestic views to rest your eyes at. Tiny quaint towns, historic buildings, and various lakes will do justice to your love for wine here in Germany.

You will find a wide variety of the renowned white wines here, and, of course, you cannot miss Pinot Noir and Riesling while you’re in Germany. One cannot think of the German wines without gushing over Riesling!

From Riesling to Radebeul, Silvaner, Rudesheim, Trier, Ahr Valley, Mittelhaardt, the list is endless. There are plenty of wine regions in Germany that deserve your attention and we assure you, there won’t be any regrets.

The Mosel is Germany’s 3rd-largest  and one of the most prominent wine-maker. Venture down Mosel’s wine-scented, cobblestone streets and get a chance to learn about the varieties of wines here and how their production process.

Its famous wines are produced mainly from Riesling grapes that have a spring blossom fragrance, a light colour, and a citrusy acidity.

The field of the Mosel wine is unique because it contains three wine regions across the river. The river Mosel has dual tributaries, each of which has its grape-producing region-the rivers Saar and Ruwer.

Although it’s listed as one geographical zone, the wine is granted a separate terroir from each of the three regions.

Wine tour Germany
Source | Wine tour Germany

Wine tours for Portugal

Portugal is well-known because of its wines and is a must-visit for the wine connoisseurs for its unique Port wines.

Since the Roman era, Portuguese soils and weather have favoured the development of a wide range of indigenous variety. One speciality of Portugal’s wines is that several types of grapes grow nowhere else in the world. Port, Pink Port, Douro Branco, Tinto Transmontano are some of the famous wines produced in this country.

The moderate climate in the region, the range of scenery packed with vineyards and the broad selection of wine degustations and activities make Portugal an excellent area for a perfect wine and cruise holiday. It also includes onboard wines and varieties of food for you to enjoy.

The Douro Valley is one of the oldest known wine areas. The spectacular views of the Douro Valley enabled it to become a popular wine destination. Apart from Douro Valley, there’s no place else where these steep slopes rise across the river of the vineyards. The area is also renowned for its Port wines, of course, although most of the Port wine is matured in cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, around the Porto river.

There’s no reason to put Portugal off your list for wine tours!

Wine tour Portugal
Source | Wine tour Portugal

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