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Wines from Casablanca Valley

A Brand New Wine Destination

Casablanca Valley, which is located at about 100 kilometres northwest of the Chiles capital city Santiago, is being described as the country’s fastest growing wine region by the wine lovers.

Yes, I agree that the valley is pretty new to the wine industry, but we can find that the region is boasting a large number of advanced wine cellars.

As such, these cellars are found to be utilizing the most advanced winemaking techniques for coming up with some high-quality boutique wines.

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Now, you might have understood why I gave this post the above title. So, without making any further delay, let’s learn about this wine region here…

Birth of the Casablanca Valley Wine Industry

As I said above, the wine industry of Casablanca is relatively new. It was only during the 1980s the first vine plantings were done here.

These plantings were done as part of the revitalization of the wine industry in Chile.

In spite of its delayed entry into the industry, the region has gained a lot of reputation for its crispy white wines and stunning red wines.

Soon after the launch of Casablanca’s wine industry, its expansion around the industrial town followed. However, the new plantings were halted due to the lack of irrigation in addition to the stricter local laws here.

Casablanca and its Viticultural Areas

As the region is located at just 30 kilometres from the great Pacific Ocean, the Casablanca Valley is greatly influenced by the cooling effects generated by the Humboldt Current.

Here, the cooling breezes in the afternoons are found to be moderating the hot air from the east.

Although this region is located closer to the Equator, than our European vineyards, the viticulture became possible here because of this oceanic influence.

We could also observe that the cooler climate of Casablanca Valley is the major factor for developing the white wines that could stand out in the competition.

In this region, we can see that the ripening periods are longer, thereby providing the grapes more time for developing complex flavours when at the same time balancing the sugars and acidity levels.

If we take a look at the soils of Casablanca, we can understand that the soils are mostly sandy and clayey in nature. Also, these soils are found to be free draining in nature, thus making them suitable for viticulture.

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Sub-Areas of Casablanca Valley

Informally, the whole Casablanca Valley can be sub-divided into three areas as follows:

Lower Casablanca
This is the lowest lying area in the westernmost part of Casablanca, which is known to be the heart of the valleys wine production.

This part of the valley is found to be greatly exposed to the oceanic winds thereby becoming the coolest of the three.

Upper Casablanca
This is lying at the highest elevation on the eastern part of the valley and is found to have the least exposure to the oceanic winds. Therefore, this part is found to be receiving a greater amount of sunshine every day.

Central Casablanca
This central part of the valley is found to be having the mixed conditions being experienced by the above two.

Wines and Wine Grapes of Casablanca Valley

As mentioned earlier, the white wines of Casablanca are among the best in Chile with the absolute best ones being made from the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

Not only this, the white wines that are made from Chardonnay also are gaining popularity in the recent times.

Besides these, the region is experimenting with the new white varieties like:

  • Riesling
  • Viognier
  • Gewürztraminer

The region is not only famous for its white wines, but also for reds that are made from Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Furthermore, there seemed to be a positive development in the Pinot noir varieties here.



Tharani Rajamanickam

Tharani Rajamanickam


I am Tharani, I have Bachelors degree in Biotechnology. I am passionate about the wine industry and continue to explore, learn and share and I bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you keep updated with best wines in the world. Stay tuned..

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