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Metropolitana Wine Region

Where to find the Best Wines?

The Metropolitana region, which is called as ‘Santiago Metropolitan Region’ or just ‘Metropolitan Region’, is among the 15 first-order administrative divisions of Chile.

This region is the smallest region by area but is the only landlocked region in the country.

This, which is lying in the ‘Intermediate Depression Valley’ between the ‘Coast Range’ and the ‘Andes Mountains’ , is not a wine region on the whole.

Wine grape varieties

However, the ‘Maipo Province’, which is one of the six provinces of Metropolitana, is an important wine region of the country. Yes, this is where you can find the best wines in the whole Metropolitana region! Now, let’s have a look at the viticulture in Maipo Province in detail here…

Introducing Maipo Province as a Viticultural Zone

The Maipo Province is found to be the second smallest province in the Metropolitana with an area of 1,120 square kilometers.

When it comes to wines and viticulture, ‘Maipo Valley’ that is located just south of the ‘Santiago’ is more famous.

The Maipo Valley is also the closest wine region to the capital city ‘Santiago’ and therefore, the wineries of the Maipo are getting more number of visitors every year.

This region, which is often described by the wine lovers as the ‘Bordeaux of South America’, is home to some of the highly acclaimed wines of the country.

The history of winemaking in Maipo Valley can be dated back to the 1540s although the major expansion took place only during the 1800s.

At present, the Maipo Valley has more than 7,302 acres under vine cultivation widespread over its three sub-regions, which are as follows:

Alto Maipo

The sub-region, which is located in the foothills of the ‘Andes Mountains’ is greatly influenced by the mountainous types of climates.

This is also found to be the home of the most prestigious viticultural areas of the country with perfect viticultural settings.

The microclimate of this region is found to be continental and this is mainly due to its altitudes (1300 to 2600 feet) and the amount of sunlight exposure here.

The larger alluvial river stones of this region are famous for producing some exquisite wines of which the ones from Cabernet Sauvignon are the premium types.

The Cabernet wines from Alto Maipo are found to be uniquely bold with much-needed elegance.

Wines from Metropolitana

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Alcohol and Distilleries

Central Maipo

This is the lower-lying ground region that is lying to the west of the ‘Alto Maipo’ sub-region.

The Central Maipo, which is known to be one among the oldest winemaking regions of the country, is experiencing a warmer climate when compared with the Alto Maipo.

In this sub-region, the vineyards can be found mostly along the ‘Maipo River’ where the soils are seemed to be rocky and alluvial in nature.

Here again, the Cabernet Sauvignon is found to be the dominant grape variety. However, ‘Carménère’ variety appears to be emerging and is being received well in the recent times.

Pacific Maipo

This, which is known to be the youngest wine region of Maipo Province, is found to have fewer vineyards when compared to the above-mentioned sub-regions.

Here, the vineyards are found to get benefitted by the coastal influence of the ocean and the alluvial soils

Hence, the red wines from Pacific Maipo would have a refreshing natural acidity.

Due to the coastal influence, this region is found to be the best place for growing the experimental varieties. Thus, we can see some vineyards trying out the white grape varieties like Sauvignon Blanc.

Other Grape Varieties in Metropolitana Region:

· Merlot
· Syrah
· Chardonnay
· Pinot Noir
· Malbec
· Cabernet Franc

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