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Lucky Buddha Beer

Awaken Your Senses

A Buddhist monk that lived 1000 years ago, inspired the Chinese with his representation of contentment and his kind, jolly spirit as he travelled around teaching Dharma to the people and giving them gifts that he carried in a large oversized sack from other places.

Lucky Buddha Beer

This led the Chinese to use his image as a symbol in temples, restaurants and businesses as well as on the Lucky Buddha beer.

Brewed and bottled in the man- made Thousand Island or Qiandao Lake in Hangzou in the Zejiang Province, China at the Hangzou Qiandaohu Beer Company with distribution by Sage Beverages of California, the Lucky Buddha is carved into the bottle as a symbol of wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

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The Fat Green Buddha

The green bottle is shaped like a laughing Buddha holding a large gold ingot above his head and on the reverse side is a red horseshoe with four symbols on the bottom of the bottle symbolising good fortune, prosperity, happiness and longevity.

Lucky Buddha beer became one of the fastest growing imported beers in the United States in 2015 and the brewing began in 2005 giving them a place in the global beer market being distributed throughout the world.

The Distillery

The Hangzou Qiandaohu Beer Company, was founded in 1987 as a small brewery that could only produce 5000 tons of beer per year and has the capacity today to hold 30 million litres of beer annually.

They use the lake as a resource for making all of their beers and the distillery is eco-friendly with advanced technology with a temperature controlled system and oxygen barrier brewing.

They have 1100 employees as well as undergraduates and national beer experts and this company is the only brewery to have received a double green award for their eco-friendly production of beers and is known as the “Pearl” of China with their happy work, happy life business philosophy.

The idea to establish a brewery near the lake was to feed the hungry as economic situations in the area were not too good and as they progressed, developed into one of the largest breweries with customers from all over the world with some of them being in the top ten of the beer brands.

The Lucky Buddha Beer

The beer is not just a gimmick with the carved green glass bottle as it is made with the finest quality malt, hops, rice flakes and water defined as an Asian styled lager with a crisp and clean finish and 100% natural ingredients.

The most important ingredient in the beer is the water as it is pure and defines this beer making it was is so well known and popular around the world.

With the fusion of rice, malted Barley and Czech Saaz hops this pale lager has an ABV of 4.8% with light aromas of hops, earthy malt and citrus features as well as notes of lemon and grapefruit with nuances of wheat and honey that is best served with a slice of ginger.

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Distribution is done through Sage Beverages, located in California, U.S.A and their portfolio not only includes the Lucky Buddha Beer but other spirits and wines too with innovative and exciting ideas this company ensures that their products are of good quality with unique and storied brands that have the consumer in mind.

This beer is sold throughout the world in almost fifty countries and often in six packs but it is not only sold with the green bottle that hosts the chubby, laughing Buddha but also in cans which are more commonly sold in the U.S.A.

Lucky Buddha beer is a pale yellowish light lager with a quickly diminishing head that will most definitely quench your thirst and with the very secretive distillation and distribution information, the only thing that matters is that the Lucky Buddha can be found in almost any country and once you have tasted the beer you won’t think too much about where it comes from and if that’s not enough then you could always keep the bottle and rub it for good luck when you feel a little green.

Contact Information

Lucky Buddha Beer
Website: http://luckydrinkco.com/
Phone number: +1 314-833-4568

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Lucky Buddha Beer
Qiandao Lake
China, China


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