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Coisbo Beer

Denmark and the History of Craft Beer

In the Middle Ages in Denmark beer making was a known thing to do and almost every farm brewed beer because at the time water was of poor quality and it appeared to be safer drinking beer.

After the Industrial revolution beer making became a very well organised and popular form of trade and what could be brewed at home was now available to purchase from known suppliers, taking business away from the home brewers and leaving very few options for purchasing.

By the 20th century marketing and mass production led to only a few types of beer in Denmark with very little option for flavour and variety but this was not to last forever because consumers became bored with the options and began craft beer making once again.

Wine grape varieties

People began to have more options and they enjoyed the variety which led to fierce competition in the industry and many breweries opening up to create crafty tastes for ale lovers making Denmark the capital for craft beer production.

Unfortunately, a financial downfall led to the end of many breweries with the well-established and professional ones leading in the competition.

With the competition being so fierce brew makers were forced to show their true worth and expertise by delivering quality products with unique flavours that would entice the Denmark public and only the innovative and creative brewers stood the test of time.

The Award Winning Craft Beer Brewery

Located in Vissenbjerg Denmark is a company that first began in a home kitchen by brew master Anders Coisbo in 2007 with a goal to make craft beers that would give the consumer a sensory experience.  He started with a Christmas beer and now the company makes over ten types of beer that is transported around the world.

Anders received his diploma as a Master Brewer from the Scandinavian School of Brewing and he was so good that they awarded him with an honourable brewers’ prize, leading him to follow his dreams with a passion for making good quality and unique beers that not only taste good but have been cleverly thought out with ingredients that enhance the taste too.

With his passion and expertise Anders has delivered a number of interesting and tasty ales that are enjoyed and loved around the world, winning numerous medals and awards.

Beers from Coisbo Beer

Beers from: Italy - China - Japan - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Iceland

The Collection from the King of Craft Beer

Christmas Bock consists of water, barley, wheat malt, hops, yeast and spices

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5th Avenue Lager is a golden colour with a subtle white foam and an aroma of the Hub, giving the beer a fruity flavour and has an alcohol level of 4.6%

Urban Haze Pale Ale with Elder-flower is a unique blend and when thinking of Elder-flower it might put the average beer drinker off, but this beer is flavoured with the New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hop and has a soft hint of elder-flower that makes the beer refreshingly tasty

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Queens Desire Weiss bier has an alcohol level of 4.8% and is a light, fruity beer with a combination of barley and wheat malt with a rich and creamy foam

Manhattan Dawn American IPA has been brewed on Pale ale and roasted malts and it also has several American mixtures of hops; Willamette, Simcoe and Cascade with a fruity character and a combination of sweetness from the malt and hops

Harlem Break Brown Ale is a Mahogany coloured beer inspired by America by roasted flavours, fruity character and an alcohol level of 5.3%

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Brooklyn Fall Smoked Beer is chocolate brown with thick and creamy foam and an alcohol level of 6.2% with an interesting brewing of six different malt types including a chocolate malt giving aromas of chocolate and coffee with a well-balanced smoked flavour

Astoria Black Imperial Stout packs a punch with roasted flavours of roasted, caramel and chocolate malt and an interesting aroma of liquorice and juniper berries with an alcohol level of 7.2%

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Four Russian Imperial Stout is a single batch beer in the limited edition at Coisbo with an ABV of 10% and roasted malt, spices, lemongrass and ginger flavours

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There are 10 bottles in this limited edition and another one that has just been released;

1825 Russian Imperial Stout is matured in used Cognac casks with a 10% ABV and has notes of tar, smoke, liquorice and tobacco scented wood

Other beers produced by Coisbo Beer include Broadway Spring, Christmas Ale and Christmas Bock, which are seasonal as well as Six Dunkels Weisen and New York Pilsner a draft Beer.

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Passion, Innovation and the King of Craft Beers

The craftsmanship and innovation that were encouraged by Anders passion and love for the art of creating interesting and unique beers has made him one of the best known brew masters giving him the nickname of “King of Craft Beer” with very good reason to do so.

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Tours and Events

Read more about beer tasting.

Contact Information

Coisbo Beer
Website: http://www.coisbo.com/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 71 99 42 42

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Coisbo Beer
Trævænget 3
5492 Vissenbjerg Denmark, Denmark


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