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Randers Bryghus

Denmark and the “Gasoline” at Randers Bryghus

Randers Bryghus is located in Randers SV, Denmark, a city on the Jutland Peninsula and is Denmark’s 6th largest city which became a thriving market town in the middle Ages.

For over 5000 years the Danes have been drinking beer and it has been a part of their culture since 2800BC, and up until the Middle Ages, women brewed the beer!

In 1525 Copenhagen, established a guild and made brewing the work of a man and the guilds was a creation of small breweries which were to deliver beer to Kings and military officials with a ration of 10 litres per man per day.

Women still brewed in the countryside, but as the beer was a popular drink for the Danes, breweries began to form and after Bavarian Beer was approved by the king, more competition came into play in Denmark with micro breweries forming and competing and today there over 200 micro breweries in Denmark with unique and different tastes and it was recorded that the Danish consumed about 453 million litres of beer in 2010 which means that they enjoy their beer.

Wine grape varieties

Many breweries have attempted to make interesting and crafty beers, but very few have actually made it into the Denmark market.

Those that have, know their product and the “Liquid Gold” well enough to ensure that the future of their breweries survive successfully for years to come with their experimentation of flavours and the brewing methods that allow consumers to enjoy around the world.

The Brewery

Randers Bryghus is located in Randers SV, Denmark, a city on the Jutland Peninsula and is Denmark’s 6th largest city which became a thriving market town in the middle Ages and many of the 25th century half timbered homes are still there today.

The brewery was established in 2007 and beer is brewed without the use of automation and is unfiltered and unpasteurised with the capacity to hold 1000 litres and the craft beer is carefully managed to avoid residues in the fermentation process, but each beer is handcrafted with good ingredients and the dedication to the brewing process as well as the time taken to brew has given this brewery’s award winning beers.

Beers from Randers Bryghus

Beers from: Italy - China - Japan - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Iceland

The Beers

In 2012 Raasted Brewery merged with Randers and since then Randers has been producing beers that include Raasted, Randers, Seasonal and Year.

The two companies merged to join forces instead of competing which has made them stronger and better together in order to become internationally competitive.

Raasted Collection;

Golden Amber

Smoked Porter


Pale Ale


Brown Ale

Indian Pale Ale

Randers includes

Chilli Liquorice Porter

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Pale Ale

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Brown Ale

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Indian Pale Ale

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Classic Gold

Randers Beer

Christmas Brew

Christmas Special

Christmas Beer is a dark lager fermented and brewed with Munchner, caramel and chocolate malts along with Perle a South German hops. It has a strong foam with notes of dark fruit and caramel

Christmas Ale

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Season Brew reflects the changes of the seasons and celebrations with the summer beers, light and bright and the winter beers, dark and heavier, great for the holidays and festive season.

Year Brew beers are a series of strong, hefty beers, produced regularly and can be stored for a while.  They range from IPA’S, Barley wines, Trippel and Imperial Stouts.

Coffee in the Dark

Tap Dancing Hippo

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Spin Doctor is an imperial red ale with brewed Pale ale and roasted caramel malts and American Eldorado hops that produces a strong and complex beer

Midnight Oil

Better Late Than Never

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Brewing Beers

The brewing can be divided into three stages with mashing being the first step.

It begins with a broken down malt and seeds mixed with water in a temperature controlled mashing tub that allows the enzymes in the malt to break down starches into sugars.

The wort is separated, boiled and then hops are added to it and sifted out.

Once the wort is cooled it is then placed into a fermentation tank with added yeasts.

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The temperature is controlled in a tank, depending on the type of the beer.

After about 10 days of fermentation the beer is carbonated and placed into a stock tank for about two weeks before it is bottled.  The beers are not filtered, allowing the full flavour to come out.

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Visit Randers Bryghus

Visitors can go through the process of how the beers are brewed and you can also enjoy the tastes of these unique beers that have won awards and are well known throughout Denmark.

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Contact Information

Randers Bryghus
Website: http://randersbryghus.dk/
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +45 86 40 48 96

Find Randers Bryghus on Facebook, Instagram or Google+.


Randers Bryghus
Langelandsvej 4
8940 Randers SV Denmark, Denmark


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