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Rise Brewery

Respect and Pride in Aero

Located in the Archipelago island of Aero (Ærø) in Denmark, situated in the village of Store Rise, is the Rise Brewery, established in 1926.

The brewery was built right next to the islands pure water source which they use in the production of the beers as quality is the focus at this brewery.

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The ingredients and raw materials along with the careful brewing process is what makes the beers of Rise and they are also very concerned about Aero and the job creation as well as the environment and believe that if it was not for Aero then there would be no brewery.

Brewing the Beers

Brewing is an art when it comes to Rise and the process begins with water, malt and hops warmed in a mash tub with added flavours and sugars (wort).

All the ingredients are then pumped in a lauter tun where the herbs are held back and then the wort is pumped back into the mash tub and brought to the boil when the aromatic hops are added.

The wort is cooled down and then placed into fermentation tanks where yeast is added and then the fermentation process begins.

After two weeks of fermentation the keel is put into tanks and chilling causes the yeasts to sink to the bottom of the tanks in a clarification process which takes a week.

The beer is then pumped into a bottling hall after a filtering process where it is then placed into storage tanks.

The new bottles are then filled with CO2 to remove the oxygen, the beer is tapped, capped and rinsed before the labels are placed onto the bottles and the beer is ready to be sold to retailers and restaurants in Denmark.

Beers from Rise Bryggeri

Beers from: Italy - China - Japan - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Iceland

The Beers

The beers brewed at Rise Bryggeri are of the purest ingredients without the use of flavourings and they work with two beer ranges: The classic Aero series and the Organic series.

The Classic Aero Series consists of

Grolle Pilsner is a lager brewed with pilsner and Pale ale malt with English First Gold and Hersbrucker hops along with fermenting yeasts.  It is a fresh and full bodied lager with a citrus aftertaste.

Golden Ale has barley malt, hops and English top fermenting yeasts and the malt was dried put using coke.  With a 4.2% ABV, this ale is a light and thirst quenching drink.

India Pale Ale was the number 1 British beer as it was brewed for the first time in Colonial England and it consists of pale ale, barley malt, sugar, hops and English top fermenting yeast with a golden colour and an ABV of 5.5% as well as having a bitter but extra hoppy aromas.

Walnut Duke Hans no.5 is a popular beer with a low foam content and medium bitterness from the Goldings hops and it is complimented by the walnut flavour.  It is brewed with pilsner barley malt, caramel barley malt, black barley malt and wheat malt with the natural waters from Aero.

Red Ale has a distinctive reddish colour with pale ale, crystal and rug malts as well as a bitter fruit aroma with an ABV of 4.8%

Dark Ale has flavours of liquorice and fruit with a 6.0% ABV and was brewed with pale ale barley malt, caramel barley malt, sugar and black barley malt with English top fermenting yeasts.

Stout Kong Arthur was produced in honour of the Soby Shipyards 75th anniversary in 2006 by Arthur Jorgensen, who created many jobs for people in Aero.

This stout is dry and consists of pale ale, black barley and wheat malt with English First Gold and Goldings hops as well as specially imported top fermenting yeasts with flavours of liquorice and coffee along with an aroma of hops.

Easter Ale is for those who love the pumped up ale served in an English pub as this has that Arch English bitter taste with a fresh hops aroma and flavours of tobacco and raisins

Strong Rudolph Christmas Ale has a reddish colour with an ABV of 7.0%, but does not seem heavy and has great character with the colour showing up for the festive season

Tangol was produced for the underwater annual festival and consists of seaweed which gives the beer a slightly salty taste.

The hops give the beer a bitter bite, but the freshness of the citrus balances it out

Organic Series includes

India Pale Ale


Dark Ale

Easter Ale

Christmas Ale

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Visit Rise Brewery

When visiting this brewery, you are able to see the entire process and the brew master will explain it all to you as you get to understand the importance of the Aero involvement and a taste test for each of the classic Aero series beers can be done in a group of 12 or more.

The tour is 45 minutes long and if that is not enough time for you then you can take a walk through the island to have a look for the source of the water that is used in all of the Rise Bryggeri (Brewery) Beers.

Contact Information

Rise Bryggeri
Website: http://risebryggeri.dk/
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +45 62 52 11 32

Find Rise Bryggeri on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Rise Bryggeri
Vandværksvej 5
5970 Ærøskøbing Denmark, Denmark


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