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Thuro brewery, O-bryg

Erik and His Passion as a Brew Master at Thurø Bryghus, Ø-bryg

Located in a town called Svendborg on the island of Funen, Denmark is the O-Bryg Brewery that began after a beer enthusiast joined a group of fellow enthusiasts and learned to brew through extensive courses which led to the founding of the Svendborg Brew Guild in 2006.

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Erik Nielsen’s first beer was the “Fishermans Ale” or “Rough Snuff” which is an organic brew that is a dark strong Belgian Ale brewed with 7 different malts along with seaweed and snuff especially made for the fishermen.

The Brewery

Actually, Thuro Brewery is “Thurø Bryghus” called Ø-bryg, Ø for island, and the island is Thuro, south of Svendborg, where the owner and inventor of Ø-bryg lives on Thurø.

The brewery was moved from Brobyvaerk to Thuro and renovations included a free fall brewery allowing the beer to flow through gravity and with a capacity to brew 1000 litres per brew and a tank capacity of 13000 litres.

It started as a beer called Thurobund which was named after the area in which Erik lived.

The guild drank the beer and perfected the method on how to make it better which led him to create two beers with the ingredients that would later be united into one beer, winning an award and being enjoyed in places like Sweden where consumers enjoyed the interesting fact that the beer contained seaweed and snuff.

This beer was later named Rough Snuff and it also encouraged Erik to continue forward into a more professional beer making career.

Beers from Thurø Bryghus

Beers from: Italy - China - Japan - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Iceland

The Beers

Today he has developed and created 3 different beers that include; Blabybryg, Brown Ale and Dampskibsol.

Blåbybryg is an American Pale ale brewed with light roasted malts consisting of Pale ale, Cara Hell, Cara Munich II and flaked corn.

American Cascade and Amarillo hops are added in for a great aroma resulting in a well-balanced citrus aroma beer with caramel undertones.

Brown Ale is brewed with hard and soft roasted malts that include Pale ale, Cara Munich II and Carafa (chocolate).

English yeasts are added as well as English Fuggle hops, which are mild and delicate with aromas of wood and flowers.

This beer has a flavour of nuts and chocolate with an ABV of 5.9%

Dampskibsøl is an American Steam Beer with an alcohol level of 5.5%, which is brewed in California Lager yeast, but with a top fermentation at a high temperature bringing out gentle tones of caramel.

The malts are light roasted and consist of Pale ale and Cara Munich II with New Zealand hops Nelson Sauvin added to give fruity aromas of melon, peach and grape.

Juløbryg is the Christmas beer modelled from the Belgian abbey beer type dubbel which is a brownish beer with clear coloured foam with sweet tastes and aromas of cinnamon, coriander, cloves and anise.

The beers are distributed to retailers and restaurants as well as hotels in Denmark and the brewery is also looking to distribute internationally.

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Visit Thuro Brewery

The brew master Erik Nielsen makes all the decisions on what to brew, when to brew and how to brew the beers that are handcrafted and unique and when visiting he believes that everything about the beer is important and people would like to know what the beer is like by looking at the label, tasting the beer and knowing what it consists of as well as what it goes well with when pairing it with food.

On a tour this is exactly what you will experience as well as discovering the new store that houses all of the products for consumers to purchase.

With the vast knowledge and expertise that Erik has as a brew master there is no doubt that the O bryg Brewery will become an international sensation as people in Denmark have been known to enjoy a good beer, but the craft beers are what they enjoy the most as the tastes are unique and flavour filled with character as the brew masters carefully combine pure ingredients that create beers of a different kind that stand out from the original tastes of ales around the world and with the word spreading through Denmark, this brew is one to look out for.

Tours and Events

Read more about beer tasting.

Contact Information

Thurø Bryghus
Website: http://www.oebryg.dk/
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +45 60 19 90 19

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Thurø Bryghus
Bergmannsvej 82
5700 Svendborg Thurø Fyn Denmark, Denmark


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