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Beers from Finland

Look at these Popular Beers from Finland

Finland, which is a Northern European nation with Sweden and Russia as its borders, has been associated with beer for a longer time now.

The history of beer production in this European country can be dated back to the middle Ages.

With pale lagers as the most commonly brewed beer type, Finland is standing ninth in per capita beer consumption.

We can describe the Finnish beer market as global than local because of the presence of some of the world’s best breweries here.

Before going into the popular beers, let’s understand the tax classes of Finnish beers:

  • I beer: These are the beers with an alcohol content of 0 to 2.8%.
  • II beer: These beers would have an alcohol content of 2.8 to 3.7%
  • III beer: These are the beers with alcohol levels of 3.7 to 4.7%
  • IVA beer: These beers would have an alcohol level of 4.8 to 5.2%
  • IVB beer: These are the beers with an alcohol content of 5.2 to 8.0%
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Now, let’s have a look at the most popular beers of Finland here…


This is a pale lager from the oldest commercial brewery of Finland, Sinebrychoff. This beer is having a stronger taste and is found to be made using the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Malt
  • Barley starch
  • Hops

As such, this beer is found to be available in various styles like:

  • Karhu III
  • Karhu A
  • Karhu Real Strong
  • Karhu Dark I
  • Karhu Rye
  • Karhu Double Hops
  • Karhu Frosted


This is also a pale lager beer being manufactured by the Hartwall brewery. In Eastern Finland, this beer is popularly called by the name evakkokalj or evacuee beer. At present, this beer is available in the following forms:

  • Karjala III
  • Karjala IVA
  • Karjala IVB
  • Karjala Terva


Koff represents a range of lager type beers manufactured by the Sinebrychoff brewery again. This is among the most sold beers in the country and is being sold as different versions like:

  • Koff I
  • Koff III
  • Koff IVA
  • Koff IVB
  • Koff Extra Brew III
  • Koff Extra Brew IV
  • Koff Lite III

This brewery has stopped some of the Koff versions in the recent past. Some examples of discontinued Koff beers are Koff Amber, Koff Draught, and Koff Velvet.

Lapin Kulta:

This is a brand name being used on a range of lager type beers of varying strengths. This brand name is now owned by the ‘Hartwall’ brewery which is producing Lapin Kulta in the following versions:

  • Lapin Kulta IVA
  • Lapin Kulta III
  • Lapin Kulta I


Olvi is a range of lagers that is being produced by the Olvi brewery, a soft drinks company of Finland. Apart from beers, this brewery is also manufacturing a range of other products like ciders, soft drinks, and long drinks.

The different versions of Olvi beers are:

  • OLVI Halko beer
  • OLVI Christmas beer
  • OLVI Ykkönen
  • OLVI Export
  • OLVI Tuplapukki
  • OLVI Home-brewed beer
  • OLVI Iisalmi (Indian) Pale Ale

Alcohol and Distilleries


Sandels is again a brand name used for a range of lager type beers manufactured by the Olvi brewery. The different versions of Sandels are as follows:

  • Sandels 4.7%
  • Sandels 5.3 %
  • Sandels Dark
  • Sandels Wheat Beer


This is a beer brand which is manufactured by the ‘Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy’. Most of these beers are found to be gluten-free and being sold as different versions like:

  • Kukko Pils III
  • Kukko Vahva Pils
  • Kukko Tumma III
  • Kukko Lager III
  • Kukko Vaalea III Olut
  • Kukko Portteri

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