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Malmgard Brewery

From Kings to Counts and Ale at Malmgard

Located along the Forsby River in Pernaja, Finland is the estate of Malmgard (Malmgård) dating back to the 16th century.

This estate has had 12 generations contributing to its success and it all began with the Swedish King Charles IX, who bestowed a war widow Catharina Hess von Whichdorff with 30 hamlets as compensation for the loss of her husband.

She married Ernst Creutz and the estate was transferred to him, expanded and then donated in 1625.

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The empire building was a two storey house made of wood and Count Carl Magnus Creutz a Finnish politician and governor thought that the building needed to become a little more lavish encouraging him to build a brick house inspired by the Renaissance in the 1800’s and is what can be seen today with its wall and ceiling paintings, ballroom and historical style interior.

A staircase and terrace unite the manor house with a lovely park and English inspired gardens with a few farm buildings located to the north of the property.

The estate has been owned by the Counts Creutz since then and has a roaring trade for forestry and 500 hectares of fields focusing on organic farming of food products as well as having a microbrewery and hydro power and in some of their beers the farm cereals play an important role in their production.

The brewery

The breweries’ products are hand produced with 2000 litre batches for each made with the water, domestic malts and cereals from their own farm along with a careful selection of hops.

All the beers are top fermented ales that are unfiltered without additives and they have two product families that are distributed across Finland and Estonia as well as in the U.S.A.

Malmgard is produced with the cereals from the farm that play an important role in their production whilst Huvila is produced as a daring and strong taste experience consisting of 6 beers that include Brown ,Pale and Arctic Circle Ale, E.S.B, X – Porter and Apple Cider.

Beers from Malmgard

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The Beers

Malmgard has the following variety of beers:

Dinkel is a golden ale made with domestic Barley malts and spelt wheat and spring water with an aroma of fruit and malt along with nutty end notes of the spelt

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Blonde Ale is made with four types of hops and a Belgian strain of yeast, domestic barley malts and the farm’s spring water with aromas of citrus this ale is light and fruity with an ABV of 4.2%

Belge has an alcohol level of 8.0% and consists of Belgian speciality yeasts, domestic barley malts and spring water with a copper colour and flavours of spice and fruit

Emmer IPA is an Indian pale ale with a golden hue made with a variety of American hops and the Emmer wheat gives the ale a round and soft body with aromas of fruit, citrus and pine nuts

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Emmer Tripel is a triple styled ale with a light colour with a spicy fruitiness and hints of the Emmer veat and is a fairly new ale

Huvila are, the more daring tastes;

Brown Ale is a Mahogany brown colour that is unfiltered and light, especially for a thirst quencher

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Pale Ale has aromas of hops, caramel and grass with an ABV of 4.2% and has a variety of hop mixtures that produce a citrus taste and a bitter end note

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E.S.B consists of Goldings Hops and is a dark brown, strong and bitter ale with fruity aromas and a heavy finish

Arctic Circle has an ABV of 7.3% with a fruity malt aroma and flavours of dark berry, malt and spiced caramel brewed with juniper twigs and a strong dose of Finnish “sisu.”

#malmgårdbrewery Arctic Circle Ale with Juniper Twigs. Interesting beer.

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X-Porter is a dark black ale with brown foam with aromas of creamy nuts and soft flavours of caramel ending on a chocolate note.

Baltic top fermented porters are rare fined, especially unfiltered ones and this ale has gained international recognition winning a silver award.

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Visit Malgard Brewery

The Brewery, Smith and estate shop can be visited throughout the year, but the manor house is a private estate and can only be visited from May to September by appointment only.

In the brewery you will be able to see how the production is done along with tastings.

The farm Cafe, which was once the residence of whoever looked after the cows is a red building where you can enjoy some of the farm products after the tour in the brewery.

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Should you like the taste of their craft beers than you are able to buy them in the store and who knows you might bump into a Count while you are there!

Tours and Events

Read more about events, wine tasting, vineyard tour.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.malmgard.fi/
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +358 19 638050

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Malmgård 47
7720 Malmgård Finland, Finland


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