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Wine pairing for a Beef

by | Jul 27, 2016 | 0 comments

Red wines simply taste perfectly with beef due to the interaction between tannins in wine and proteins in meat.

All red wines have tannins and are as a result of grape seeds, skins as well as the barrels used to age the wine.

Wine pairing with beef

Tannins give the red wine a good aging potential and forms an important structure and balance that is suitable for matching red wine with beef.

Taking red wine by itself, it can result to a stringent and rough feel. But as the tannins bound to the proteins, the taste become totally different.

Therefore, a Cabernet Sauvignon with high level of tannic isn’t a good choice before a bite. But if you take a sip after seared filet bite, you’ll get a perfect mouth-watering match.

Wine pairing with beef

Older vintage

If serving older vintage, make your dish as simple as it can be. Think of a roasted tenderloin for instance.
Claret, best known as Bordeaux red wine is usually tough, earthy, tannic and complex.

These elements of Claret pairs wonderfully with gamey and robust intensity from grilled beef.

This is especially very true with the aged beef when paired with an old aged Claret.

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Michael Bredahl

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