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All about France

What should we known about French Wines?

Almost all the regions of France are producing delicious wines, that are are world famous among the wine lovers.

The history of French wines can be dated back to the sixth century BC and several winemaking regions of France date their wine producing history to the Roman period.

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Wines from Alsace

Alsace wines, which are also called as ‘Alsatian wines’, are the wines that are produced in Alsace, France.

Many of you might have heard about the wines from the Alsace region of France and some of you might have even tasted it.
If you have had a chance to taste the Alsace wines, then I am sure that you would have loved it.

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Wines from Anjou

Enjoy some Finest Wines

Some of you might have already heard about the finest wines from Anjou that is located in the Loire Valley wine region of France.

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Auvergne Wine Region

Exotic Volcanic Wines

Auvergne, which is an administrative region in the south-central part of France, can be called as the land of volcanic wines.

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Beaujolais Wine Region, France

Beaujolais is among the most important wine regions of France, which is located in the Eastern part of the country.

Beaujolais wines can be called as specialty AOC wines from France, which are world famous for their fruity red wine varieties.

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Bordeaux Wines – A Brief Introduction

In simple terms, Bordeaux wines are the wine types that are made in the Bordeaux region of the country.
A majority of wines that are produced in this particular region of France is red wine (around 89%).

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Brittany Wines are on its Way Back!

Brittany, which is on the north-western side of France, is famous as a cultural region.
In the French language, this region is referred as Bretagne and in other terms, this is also called as Little Britain.

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