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Château De La Cour

19TH Century Residence and Award Winning Wines

Chateau de la cour name to the Chateau de la Cour after an ancestor that was a Knight who served under the reign of Charles XI, with his coat of arms being the label for their wines today.

Wine grape varieties

Hugues Delacour came from a family of farmers and had an avid interest in the wines and vineyards which is why he bought the chateau from an old vigneron who wished to sell it  to someone that could continue on the tradition of wine growing in the land.

The History

Hugues Delacour came from a family of farmers and had an avid interest in the wines and vineyards which is why he bought the chateau from an old vigneron who wished to sell it to someone that could continue on the tradition of wine growing in the land.

In 2004, the family extended their vineyards buy purchasing a property in the prestigious appellation of Lalande de Pomerol where they reorganised the vineyards and modernised it with trellising and new plantations.

Their 19th century rustic residence was also restored and the winery was also modernised with new equipment under the management of Hugues Delacour who has won numerous awards for his wines.

The property consists of 10 hectares with 6.5 hectares dedicated to the production of their Grand Cru and 3.5 hectares to their Chateau de la Cour Saint – Emilion.

The Vineyards

The estate is made up of 10 plots of land composed of different soils, grape varieties, ages, vine stocks and micro-climates.

The varietals consist of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc and are between 10 and 50 years old.

The estate is divided into two different terroirs with 5 hectares of iron rich gravelly sandy soil and 5 hectares of gravelly sandy soil on a clay base.

Their property in AOC Lalande de Pomerol consists of 1.5 hectares on gravelly clay soil and the varietals are 40 years old and consist of  70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc.

One percent of the vines are replenished each year and the leaf surface has been increased to allow for ideal photosynthesis.  Natural composts are used and grass is planted around the vines as well as the introduction of natural predators to avoid pesticides.  Although they are not completely sustainable the farming methods are gradually being changed and waste waters are treated as well as care for the environment with gradual changes of becoming sustainable.

Chateau de la Cour Winery and Methods

Mechanical sorting of the grapes is used to eliminate waste and is then manually sorted meticulously in order to select the best grapes for their wine production.

The parcels are then placed into vats separately with a long vatting process that has three stages and natural fermentation is done with yeasts and bacteria from the terroir to create characteristics in the wines that are unique and enhance their terroir.

Saint – Emilion is matured for a year in vats and French oak barrels are used in the Saint- Emilion Grand Cru and Lalande de Pomerol, enhancing the aromas and taste.

Chateau de la Cour renew a third of their barrels each year and their corks are made from non treated cork wood with bottling done as a part of their own production on the estate.

Wine Grape Varieties
Wine Informations
Wine Merchants

The Wines

The wines are stored in air – conditioned cellars with a selection of four brands to choose from.

Chateau de la Cour Saint – Emilion consists of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc with a crisp and bright colour it is a full bodied wine with black fruits on the palate

Chateau de la Cour Saint – Emilion Grand Cru is matured in oak casks for 12 months with a combination of red fruit flowers and aromas of vanilla

Le Joyau Saint – Emilion Grand Cru is only produced in exceptional years with an annual production of 3000 bottles. It consists of 100% Merlot and only the best grapes are selected for this deep red wine.  It is a mocha infused fruity wine with hints of black fruit and spice

Clos des Templiers La Lalande de Pomerol bears the Symbol from the middle ages on the label representing the cross of the Knights Templar.

It has aromas of fresh fruits, spices and hints of black pepper.

Visit Château De La Cour

The rustic looking farmhouse turned chateau is a beautiful and humble looking estate but make no mistake as it is large enough to house their collection of wines in a cellar that has wooden arched doors that appear to look as though they were from the middle ages and a tour is arranged by appointment only with a taste test and a tour of the winery.

You are able to find out about the three stages of fermentation, the history of the vines and the estate, as well as a sample of the 4 bottles in their collection.

What makes this chateau so special is that you can see how passionate the winemaker is about the vineyards, wines and the path that it is going on as they progress to sustainable farming as well as being in the list of award winning wines.

Contact Information

Château De La Cour
Website: http://en.chateaudelacour.com/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +33 (0) 557 846 495

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Château De La Cour
33330 Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France


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