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Jura Wine Region

Jura Offers Versatile Wines!

Jura, which is a small wine region of France, is located in the eastern part of the country and is known for its versatile wine range.

With Burgundy and Switzerland to its western and eastern sides respectively, this region is popular for some traditional, as well as distinctive styles of wine.

With a total vineyard area of almost 1850 hectares, the region is selling wines under five main appellations.

Wine grape varieties

Now, let’s see what this small wine region is offering to the wine lovers from across the world here. Keep reading…

Climate and Geography of Jura Wine Region

This region, which is sandwiched between France’s Burgundy and Swiss on its two sides, has a landscape of wooden hillsides and a twisted topography of the mountains.

The region is found to be experiencing a continental type of climate and the climatic conditions are more or less similar to that of Burgundy.

We can find several of the region’s vineyards lying at the heights of about 250 to 400 meters above the sea level.

In general, the vineyards of Jura can be found between the plains and the mountains. The soils of the vineyards that are lying in the lower flat lands are mostly clayey in nature, whereas they would contain high amounts of limestone in the higher altitudes.

We can also find the deposits of marl having spread all across the region and few of the highly regarded vineyards are found in such zones.

The Jura towns that are considered to be important in winemaking are Lons-le-Saunier and Arbois.

Major Wine Regions and Appellations of Jura

The major wine regions and appellations of Jura are:


This is an AOC appellation for the wines that are being produced around ‘Arbois Town’ of Jura.

This AOC wine region has the pride of being the country’s first controlled appellation. This was created during the year 1936.

This AOC wine region has the pride of being the country’s first controlled appellation. This was created during the year 1936.

The red, rosé and white wines made from the following grape varieties are permitted under this appellation:

· Poulsard
· Trousseau
· Pinot noir
· Chardonnay
· Savagnin


This is another AOC appellation for the wines that are produced around the ‘Château-Chalon Village’.

Under this appellation, only white wines can be produced using the grape ‘Savagnin’ in the ‘vin jaune’ style.

Crémant du Jura

This is an appellation for the sparkling white and rosé wines that are made from the following grape varieties:

· Poulsard
· Trousseau
· Pinot noir
· Chardonnay
· Pinot gris
· Savagnin

Côtes du Jura

This appellation allows the winemakers to produce red and rosé wines from the following grape varieties:

· Poulsard
· Trousseau
· Pinot noir
· Chardonnay
· Savagnin


This is an appellation for wines made from three grape varieties which are produced on four communes.

Grape varieties:

· Chardonnay
· Savagnin
· Poulsard
· Communes:
· L’Étoile
· Plainoiseau
· Quintigny
· Saint-Didier

Alcohol and Distilleries

Vin jaune – The Most Famous Wine of Jura!

Vin jaune is the most popular wine style of Jura which will be sherry-like. These distinguishable wines of Jura are made using the ripe Savagnin grapes, which will be subjected to fermentation followed by aging in barrels for more than six years.

While doing so, the barrels will be filled till the top and allowed to get reduced through evaporation.

During this process, the wine will get oxidized. The wine thus produced will be bottled in a special type of wine bottles called clavelin.

In general, the vin jaune wines will have intense flavors and they often need to be decanted before drinking.

In Jura, the Chaptalization is allowed in winemaking because of the colder climatic conditions. This process is generally used for compensating the lower sugar levels of the under-ripe vintage wines.



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