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Normandy Wine Region

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Normandy is Reviving its Viticulture!

Normandy, which is one of the French regions, is known all over the globe for its cider and calvados.
Although this region is not an official wine region of the country at present, it is found to have a rich history with regards to vine cultivation, as well as wine production.

Normandy Wine Region, France

It is observed that the Normandy’s climate and terroir at present are more suited for apples and not grapes.

However, the region is demonstrating the resurrection of viticulture in the recent times.

Wine grape varieties

During the past two decades, the region has established many recreational vineyards and one among them is found to be operating as a commercial wine production unit.

Let’s discuss the viticulture and viniculture of Normandy in detail here…

Normandy as a French Region

According to the French administration, the region can be divided into 5 major departments which are namely:

  • Calvados
  • Eure
  • Manche
  • Orne
  • Seine-Maritime

With a total area of about 30,627 square kilometers, this region is occupying about 5% of the French territory. As mentioned earlier, the vine was cultivated in Normandy during the ancient times and the production was ceased in the later part of the 19th century.

The reason for this decline is said to be the change in the microclimate of this region. Now, only one vineyard remains in the whole Normandy region.

In spite of the unfavorable conditions prevailing in this region, a sole vineyard is sustaining and winning several awards for its quality wines.

Arpents du Solei’ – the Sole Vineyard of Normandy

This vineyard is located in the upper Normandy region to the southeastern side of Caen and is owned by Gérard Samson.

The red wine varietal that is produced from the vineyards of ‘Arpents du Soleil’ has won several awards.

The important one among them is the prix d’excellence award at the ‘31st Vinalies Nationales in Dijon’.

This was awarded by the professional wine tasters. The ‘Pinot Noir 2011’ wine from this vineyard of Normandy is often described as giving the excellent flavors of cherries along with the hints of thyme, as well as sweet spices.

It is known to have a complex bouquet and the rich aromas of strawberry and raspberries of this wine are found to be persisting in the mouths of the drinkers with the silky finish. The judges of the program added that this wine is a perfect combination for white meat.

The owner ‘Samson’ has mentioned that high-quality wines could be produced in Normandy, especially in the valley of ‘Grisy Village’ where his own vineyard is located.

This part of Normandy is found to have its own microclimate and this is protecting the vineyard from the danger of frost. Also, this part of Normandy is joining a drier and hotter climatic condition that is perfect for vine cultivation.

This wine of Normandy has also received three other medals in worldwide competitions and the owner has received several trophies for the excellent quality of the wine from his vineyards.

It can be said that the major reason for the excellent quality of wines from this vineyard is soil. The soil here is having rich contents of minerals and calcium (more or less like Burgundy) and hence, the flavor of the wines is outstanding.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Viticulture in Normandy

As of 2007, the total vineyard area of Normandy is found to be around three hectares. These vineyards are producing almost 15,000 bottles of wine each year.

Most of the wines produced here are found to be white, although the aforementioned award-winning wine is red.

In Normandy, the wines are mainly produced using the following grape varieties:

· Melon de Bourgogne
· Auxerrois
· Pinot Noir
· Muller-Thurgau
· Pinot Gris

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