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Bandol Wine Tour

by | Dec 8, 2017

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Why Should You Consider Taking a Bandol Wine Tour?

Bandol, which is among the internationally popular wine regions, is located in the Provence region of France.

Provence at the southeast part of France is known for its wines right from the times of ancient Greeks (around 600 B.C.).

The Bandol of Provence is located near Toulon and has some of the oldest vineyards of France. It is believed that the first vine was planted in this region almost 2,500 years ago.

It would be a great tour for each and every wine lover from across the globe to arrive at this place to taste some of the exotic wines of France.

Introducing You to the Famous Bandol AOC

Although Provence as a whole is the home to several AOC wines, Bandol AOC is very popular among the international tourists for its unique taste and style.

This appellation, which was created in the year 1941, is covering almost 380 acres of vineyards at present.

The Bandol appellation which includes red, white, and also rosé wine varieties, is produced by a total of eight communes that are extended around the Bandol’s Mediterranean coastal town.

What makes the Bandol wines unique is the nature of soil which is found to have silicon and limestone.

This, along with the warm coastal climatic conditions makes this region more suitable for the cultivation of wine producing grapes.

Wine grape varieties

About the Wines of Bandol AOC

Bandol wine region of France is more popular for its red wine range. These wines are appearing to make a majority of the wine production in Bandol.

Followed by the reds, rosé wines are accounting for a third of the total wine production in this region.

And yes, white wines are also produced here but in smaller quantities. Let’s have a look at these wines in detail here:

Wine tour to Bandol

Red Wines of Bandol

A majority of the red wines that are being produced in the Bandol AOC is made from a grape variety called Mourvèdre.

As per the appellation law, this grape variety should form at least 50% of Bandol red wines. Mourvèdre, which is known to be a strong, spicy variety, would impart a unique character in the Bandol wines that is almost impossible to get in any other wine from all over the globe.

This grape variety is found to blend well with Grenache – giving generosity to the wines and Cinsault – giving finesse to the wines.

All these grapes are found to be giving the following rich aromas to the Bandol red wines:

  • Havana
  • Leather
  • Liquorice
  • Black fruits
  • Violet
  • Red fruits
  • Jam
  • Cherries
  • Spices
  • Truffle
Alcohol and Distilleries

Rosé Wines of Bandol

Like the Bandol reds, these rosé wines are also known for their spicy flavors and earthy characters.

Rosé wines are again dominated by Mourvèdre grape variety, which will be blended with Grenache and Cinsault varieties. Rosé wines of Bandol are classified as the most distinguished roses of France.

These, which are got by direct pressing of the grapes, would give us the refined, well-structured wines with pale colors.

White Wines of Bandol

Although the white wines are produced only in smaller quantities, these are also popular among the wine lovers for their varietal mix.

The base of this varietal mix of Bandol white wines are formed by the following grape varieties:

  • Clairette
  • Bourboulenc
  • Ugni Blanc

These varieties are imparting a golden color to the wines and are also giving some interesting floral notes to them.

When these wines are tasted, your palate would experience a full-bodied, highly acidic wine along with eternal fruit and floral components.

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