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Wines from Kaiserstuhl

The home of Three Pinot’s

Kaiserstuhl refers to the hill range that is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

In the southwestern part of Germany, this hill range is forming an important viticultural district.

Wine from Kaiserstuhl

As the title suggests, this wine district in Baden is home to three finest red wine grapes in Germany.

This district along with its surrounding areas is intensely involved in vine cultivation and is able to achieve a great reputation for its vines in the global wine market.

Wine grape varieties

The Kaiserstuhl district of Germany prizes Pinot Blanc for its spicy subtle fruit flavours and its ability to truly reflect its terroir.


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About the Kaiserstuhl Wine District

The name of this wine district is literally indicating the emperor’s seat with its history dating back to the 994 AD when a king held court in this village.

Geographically speaking, this wine district is found to be centring around a range of volcanic hills on the banks of the River Rhine.

The following villages in the Kaiserstuhl wine district are having a higher regard for their natural beauty and scenic appeal and also for the range of high-quality wines produced:

  • Burkheim
  • Oberrotweil
  • Achkarren
  • Ihringen

Several critics from across the globe describe the rising of Kaiserstuhl hills from the Upper Rhine Plain as the most impressive feature here.

The hills are found to have risen within a few kilometres from the river with the highest peak at above 550 meters above sea level. This mountain range is said to be the alkali-carbonate rock formation.

Climate and Soils of Kaiserstuhl

The district is found to be experiencing a Mediterranean type of climate with milder winters and warmer summers.

It has been observed that this region is among the warmest in Germany.

The rain shadow provided by the mountains of the Vosges is improving the climate by decreasing the rainfall and increasing the levels of sunlight exposure.

At present, the surface soils of Kaiserstuhl contain large quantities of Quaternary loess, which are known to have formed during the period of Ice Age.

In general, we can observe that the higher slopes of the mountain range are covered with looser soils when compared to the low-lying areas, which are full of more fertile soils.

How do the soils of Kaiserstuhl support viticulture here? The answer is simple!
The loose structure, as well as the sponge-like qualities of loess, is able to absorb the water, which will then be steadily released over time.

Thus, the drought situation is prevented within the state. Also, these soils are having natural and good aeration qualities, which are found to be essential for developing the strong roots in wine grape plants.

This is also found to be good for the overall health of the microbial system in the soils. Unlike these conditions in the higher altitude slopes of Kaiserstuhl, the soils in the low-lying lands are found to be compact and as a result of this, they are lacking the beneficial qualities stated above.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Wine Production and Wine Grape Cultivation in Kaiserstuhl

Currently, the finest wines of Kaiserstuhl are coming from the high-altitude vineyards with the looser and less compact soils, which are retaining all the beneficial properties mentioned above.

Those vine plants in the higher altitudes are found to have an access to the volcanic rocks that are rich in mineral contents.

We can see that the majority of wines from this district is being produced by the cooperative Badischer Winzerkeller.

However, the finest wines are being produced by the smaller independent producers only.
As mentioned earlier, the district is home to three Pinots:

The three Pinot

  • Pinot noir
  • Pinot gris
  • Pinot blanc

Other Varieties in Kaiserstuhl

  • Müller-Thurgau
  • Riesling
  • Silvaner
  • Ruländer
  • Blue Spätburgunder
  • Grauburgunder
  • Weißer Burgunder
  • Gewürztraminer

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Vineyards in Kaiserstuhl, Baden

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