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Mosel Wine Region

Riesling at its best

Mosel, which takes its name from the Mosel River, is one of the thirteen quality wine regions of Germany and is also the most famous wine region of the country.

In terms of volume, this region is the third largest wine producer in the country. But, this is the forerunner for all the other wine regions of the country in terms of global popularity.

This region, whose borders are found to be Luxembourg and France, is also including the tributaries of Saar and Ruwer.

For this reason, it was known as Mosel-Saar-Ruwer until August 2007.

Wine grape varieties

For commercial reasons, the name was then changed to Mosel.

Let’s see more about this region’s viticulture here:

A Look at the Viticulture in Mosel

With the winemaking history dating back to the second century, the Mosel region is famous for its steep slopes on which the vineyards are seen.

In fact, this region has the steepest vineyard site of the globe which is located at 65-degrees inclination in the town of Bremm.

In total, the region has 9,034 hectares of vineyards and almost 91% of these vineyards are being planted with the white grape varieties especially Riesling.

Within the region, there are 6 wine districts and 19 collective designations. In addition, there are 524 single vineyard designations.

The wine districts of Mosel are:

  • District Burg Cochem
  • District Bernkastel
  • District Ruwertal
  • District Saar
  • District Obermosel
  • District Moseltor

Climate and Soil in Mosel

The region is experiencing a cooler northern continental type of climate. The slopes of this region are found to be very efficient in optimizing the vines exposure to sunlight, thereby helping in the ripening of the grapes.

Here, the best vineyard sites are found to be taking advantage of the radiation that is reflected from the river surfaces.

When we take a look at the soils of Mosel, we can understand that the soils of this region are dominated by porous slate.

This nature of the soil offers the perfect drainage during the times of heavy rainfall. In addition, these soils are found to retain the heat very well. In the best vineyard sites, we can find that there is no topsoil but only the broken slate.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Riesling, the King of Mosel

As the title suggests, Mosel is particularly famous for the wines that are made from a Riesling grape variety. And, I would say that Riesling grape variety is at its best in this region.

The Riesling from this wine region is found to have a beautiful fragrance along with ethnic floral, peach, and citrus aromas.

The racy acidity and stony minerality along with the light-bodied structure are giving an incredible purity, as well as the lightness to the wines.

The wine critics from across the world often describe the Mosel Riesling as delicate but stout-hearted grapes and as an ideal variety for the summer apéritif.

So, why Riesling from Mosel is so good? We can say that this late-ripening grape variety has the perfect growing conditions in Mosel.

It’s because the valley is well protected and is found to be the warmest climate zone in the whole Germany. Also, here the roots of the Riesling vines are able to penetrate deep into the ground thus being able to feed themselves with the needed quantities of water and minerals.

Thus, the wine producers of Mosel are able to make wines with intense flavors and low alcohol levels thereby making them perfect for relaxed enjoyment.

Other Grape Varieties in Mosel:

• Müller-Thurgau
• Elbling
• Kerner
• Spätburgunder
• Dornfelder
• Weißer Burgunder
• Bacchus
• Grauer Burgunder
• Regent
• Chardonnay
• Auxerrois
• Reichensteiner
• Ortega

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