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Acolon grapes

The Acolon is a grape which is exclusively used in the production of Red wine in the state of Germany.

This grape is a deep red coloured wine grape produced through the hybridization of variants like Blauer Limberger and Dornfelder created in the region of Wiensberg of Germany in the year 1971.

The wine created from this grape resembles its parents, when it comes to the flavours offering a mildly tannic, well balanced flavourful wine known for its characteristic ripe, fresh and fruity aromas.

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Known for its firm structure, great texture, good balance, fresh taste and fine finish, the wine produced from this grape is one of Germany’s best red wines, which is aged in barrique casks, to give it that balance.

Origin of Acolon grape

Acolon grape officially got recognition as a formal grape variety only in the year 2002, almost 30 years after it was first created by the viticulturists from Germany.

This grape was created in the Staatliche Lehr- und VersuchsanstaltfürWein- und Obstbau region in the year 1971 for the purpose of creation of mutant several mutant wine grapes of several varieties.

Regions growing Acolon Grapes or producing Acolon wine

Acolon was first produced in Wiensberg region, which happens to be a town located in the northern side of Baden Wurttemberg in Germany.

This town by itself has a heritage of producing wine which has taken the official production of wines since 1271.

Apart from this, this grape is cultivated in regions like Pfalz, Wurttemberg, Franken and Rheinhessen.

In 2002, this grape occupied 200 acres or 80 hectares of land in Germany, which grew to around 338 acres or 135 hectares in the year 2011, which, though small, is a reasonable number, when one considers that this wine was only produced in Germany.

With the recent exposure of this wine in the European wine market, the Acolon vines are now being cultivated in countries like England and Belgium in small numbers.

Wines with Acolon grapes

Viticulture of Acolon Grapes

Acolon grapes are different when it comes to its parents in terms of viticulture.

The bud of this plant tends to burst late as compared to its parent, the Limberger, having a strong and an upright growth.

This grape tends to ripen early, producing a good colour and a low acidity level, which makes the wines taste good, making it one of the most attractive alternatives to partner with varieties like the Pinot Noir.

When it comes to resistance to diseases, this grape is right up there, fighting most diseases with ease.

When it comes to the climate, this grape prefers the cooler climes, unlike most grapes, which lose their deep colour and the ripening tannins.

Characteristics, flavours and aromas of Acolon Wine

The Acolon grape, also known by WE-71-816-102 produces wines which are deep purple in colour.

Wines made from this grape typically give out flavours of cherry, wild berry, plum and soft notes of spices.

When it comes to the aromas, it gives a soft, subtle scent of plum which can be directly attributed to its heritage, the Dornfelder grape.

This grape variety typically creates a soft wine having deep red colours& mild tannin content which is quite fruity and flavourful in taste.

It can also be used in the creation of wines which are sweeter in taste having a fine balanced flavour.

This grape has enough power and character to make up a varietal wine with a quality of the highest number.

When mixed or blended with other wines, this grape typically adds its own flavours and might dilute the less ripened characteristics of the other components of the wine.

Food Pairings for Acolon Wine

Food pairings for Acolon wines are typically done based on the vinification process and the aging techniques.

This wine typically can be paired with English, German, American and Mexican cuisine.

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When it comes to the vegetables, it goes well with a lot of them, if they are baked or grilled.

This wine can be had with pastas or dumplings, along with the hot and spicy Mexican Burritos and tacos.

When it comes to sauces, the strong spicy sauces taste best with this wine, and they go along really well.

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