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Agni grapes

by | Dec 8, 2017

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Czech Republic is the country where Agni grape variety is cultivated and developed. It is also known as AN x 10 PE 11/47.

Agni grapes

It is the latest cross done by the grape breeders – Jan Havlik, Frantisek Zatloukal and Louvik Michlovsky; who came from the popular research centers in the Czech Republic.

Wines with Agni grapes


The Agni grape variety is a cross between Andrei and Irsai Oliver obtained by the grape breeders from the research centers of SSV in Velke Pavlovice and of Perna which are both found in the southern Morava in Czech Republic.

The grapevine was officially included in the Czech registered varieties in the year 2001.

Characteristics of Agni grapes

The vines of Agni produce small to medium – sized clusters of small berries that are vigorous and ripens early.

Wine grape varieties

Characteristics of Agni Wines

In 2009, there were 6 hectares in Morava planted with Agni grapes, but majority of them are in Mikulovska, southeast of Czech Republic.

Agni grapes have the capability to produce dessert, dry as well as varietal wines. The varietal wine producers include Frantisek Foretnik, Michlovsky and Jakub Samsula.

Aside from these types of wines, this grape variety surely produces full-bodied, fresh, aromatic wines packed with Muscat rose-like aromas and red fruit flavors; which are moving in the wine market.


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Michael Bredahl

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