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Albanella grapes

by Sep 30, 20160 comments

Grown in the Marche region of Italy, Albanella is a white wine grape variety. Often it is confused with Albanello grape variety.

Lately, Albanella is being planted exclusively in province of Pesaro. It is a major component of Colli Pesaresi white wines produced in the region.

It is used by very few winemakers, mostly by Fattoria Mancini winery which uses it to produce Roncagila wine. Roncagila is 25% Pinot Noir (free-run) and the rest is Albanella.

It is a very unique white wine. It has an alcohol content of about 13%. Interesting varietal wines are made from Albanella grape.

On Vivino Albanella grape is used in the making of 57-60 wines, some blends and other varietal. It is among those varieties of grape which have no synonyms.

Wine grape varieties

Albanella grapes mainly produce dry wines. The buds are carefully plucked in the mid-season when the berries ripen. After plucking, bunches are whole-pressed at about 9ºC and the juice formed is cold settled for about twenty four hours before the fermentation process begins.

The maximum temperature for fermentation is 18ºC. Wine is kept in tanks for lees for 4-5 months and then wines with exact required taste are bottled.

They can be consumed young as well as aged. Aged wine of this grape variety tastes better than young. Not many winemakers prefer using this grape and there not very huge plantation for the same but the wines it is used for, it is a very important ingredient.

Local people love the taste of this white wine and are selling the same in the market. This wine is not among the most costly wines and is therefore popular among the people. Not many grapes are capable of producing dry wines with such prominent flavours!

Origin of Albanella

The word Albanella came from ‘Alba’ which means ‘white’ or ‘harrier’ a name of a bird which is seen in the hills of north-eastern Marche.

Earlier it was thought that Albanella is the same as Albanello and identical to Trebbiano but later DNA tests were carried out and it was confirmed that it is a completely distinct variety.

It was also said that it is the only grape variety that has genetic similarities to the German grape Elbling. Mancini family has been producing Roncagila for about five generations.

Since then it has been growing in the region. It has not spread to other parts of the world and is therefore not very famous. Who planted it first and how the blends were introduced is still not confirmed for this variety. But it has been in the history of Italian wines since ages.

Wines with Albanella grapes

Features of Albanella grape

Albanella grape grows very well in clay-limestone soil. The region it grown in, Pesaro, provide it an excellent climate making the berries juicy. Medium sized compact bunches of grapes are formed. They are light green coloured. Wines formed gives floral aroma and on consuming gives pleasing hazelnut and melon flavours. https://youtu.be/2Nw4ALfgaa0 These wines are known to taste well on aging. They have a fairly high alcoholic content. With medium acidity these wines are sold in almost all shops in the region. The taste changes to pleasant sweet fruits as the wine ripens. This grape variety has been known to produce quality dry white wines since ages. Fermentation is carried out for four months which allows the settlement to occur in a proper way. Usually tanks are used but for experimenting or fusing purpose oak barrels may be used. Already 60 wines are using this grape and there are chances that more varieties of wines will be made using Albanella. Italian wines are known for their taste and so the taste of this wine should not be missed!

Food pairing

Albanella wine is mostly cherished with pasta with peas and ricotta. It can also be taken with slay dishes and vegetable salads. It can also be consumed with peanuts and dishes containing olives.

Italian dishes all complement the taste of this variety of white wine. This grape is not very famous globally but it is still being used in making many wines.

Italian tourists must try this variety of white wine to enjoy its fruity taste and floral aroma. It is occasionally available for online ordering depending on its availability.

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