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Aspiran Noir grapes

by | Dec 31, 2017

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Aspiran Noir or better known as Rivairenc is a red French grape variety which is primarily grown in the Languedoc region.

Aspiran Noir grapes

It is permitted under the Appellation d’Origine Controlee rules in the red and rose wines of the Minervois AOC.

According to studies, this ancient grape variety is now approximately extinct; however, some authors believe that Aspiran Noir is similar to the vitis narbonnensis spiralis recorded by Pliny the Elder.

Wines with Aspiran Noir grapes


Aspiran Noir has been mentioned first time years before 1544 in the harvest song – Chant de Vendages by Bonaventure des Periers.

In 1676, the variety was mentioned under the name Espiran by Magnol in his Botanicum Monspeliense and recommended as excellent.

Other remarks and theories were discovered in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries carrying the historical name Aspiran Noir.

Characteristics of Aspiran Noir

Aspiran Noir is ripens mid or late as well as low yielding. It produces large, thin-skinned berries and tightly big bunches.

Vines are susceptible to downy and powdery mildews, botrytis bunch rot as well as winter frosts.

Wine grape varieties

Characteristics of Aspiran Noir Wines

The Aspiran Noir has a long history in producing light bodied and perfumed wines. They are fairly light but overall used in blends.


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