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Aubun grapes

by | Jan 4, 2018

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France is famous in cultivating different types of grape varieties and one of these is Aubun considered as a minor blending component.

Aubun grapes

Wines with Aubun grapes


In 1885, in the region of Bedoin near Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse, is where Aubun was first recorded and was supposedly to be growing as a wild grape.

Just like Aubin Blanc and Aubin Vert, Aubun was also derived from the Latin word albanus meaning whitish and was supposedly describing a new obsolete white mutation.

Opposing the local theory, Aubun is not related or not equal to Counoise. It is a part of the Piquepoul ampelographic group.

Characteristics of Aubun Grapes

This French grape variety is late budding and mid ripening with a rough vine and large bunches as well as thick-skinned berries. It is also prone to downy mildew and leafhoppers.

Wine grape varieties

Characteristics of Aubun Wines

Aubun was broadly planted in France during the phylloxera plague in the late 19th century since it was thought to demonstrate some refusal to pest but eventually it turned out that this was because of the fact that the local soils used for planting were resistant to phylloxera.

Aubun wines are usually ordinary just like a softer version of Carignan or Mazuelo but the synonyms Carignan de Bedoin and Carignan de Gigondas as well as Aubun are more fitted to rose wines.


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