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Auxerrois Blanc grapes

by | Sep 29, 2016

Grown in the regions of Germany, Alsace and Luxembourg, Auxerrois grape is a very important white wine grape variety.

Auxerrois Blanc

It is a major part in the making of Crémantd’ Alsace, a famous wine in France. Germany  has about 539 acres of vineyards for this variety of grape. Other regions which cultivate Auxerrois grape are the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

The grape produces wines made from only one kind as well it is used in the blend of a number of wines.

They do not have large production, but it is used to produce sparkling wines in the regions. It is known by different names like Pinot Auxerrois and many more.

In France it is known as Auxerrois Gris. The cold climate of this region is favourable to the grape and results in low acidic content and gives the buds a pleasing freshness.

This grape variety, if in good hands, can taste amazingly. It has an alcohol content of about 13%. Auxerrois grape is used in the blending of Edelzwicker wines in which it plays the role of the major variety.

If a wine is made up 100% Auxerrois grape, it has to be labelled as Pinot Blanc. The buds are plucked in mid-season that is in the 1st week of September.

Gray Monk vineyards were the primary and major producers of Pinot Auxerrois.

Wine grape varieties

They undergo fermentation with native yeast in foudre. They also undergo second fermentation in which acacia honey is added to the grapes.

This grape is gaining popularity in many parts of the world, but is still not on the list with the best wines.

Experiments on the frappe are in progress and there might come a time where it becomes a very important wine grape variety!

Origin of Auxerrois blanc

History says that Auxerrois blanc was originated in the area of Lorraine.

It is said to have its first large scale production in Alsace itself.

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It underwent many DNA test and it was finally revealed that this variety is a cross of two other varieties namely Gouais blanc and Pinot noir.

Earlier it was confused with the Chardonnay variety which is the cross of the same two grapes.

The cultivation of this grape has now spread to the parts of Australia too. Who first made this cross, how was it found, are some questions that still have no proof and hence like most of the other wines the exact history of this grape also remains a mystery.


Auxerrois buds are lemon-white coloured. They have a very rich and musky aroma.

They grow well in limestone soils and form compact small bunches.

Wines formed from this variety are less acidic and gives a taste of citrus fruits.

It also shows traces of melon and apricot in its taste.

The wines made are pale-limed in colour.  As the wine ages, the wine develops honey flavours and the colour deepens.

They can be enjoyed both young and aged as at both the times the wine gives different flavours which are soothing to the mouth.

More and more lands are being given for growing this variety as there are a lot of producers who want to use this grape for blending in their wines for developing a unique and mild flavour.

They are not acidic in taste and so the lovers of low-acidic wines have a very strong liking towards this variety. The low-temperature region, mostly contributes to its low acidic level.

Auxerrois wines taste well when taken with cheese or any mild dish. It is also consumed with potato soup.

Dishes like Pad Thai are also known to be perfect for taking with Auxerrois wines, on the other hand they also complements different kinds of salads.

You do not need any strong flavours or salty dishes to cherish the taste of wines made from Auxerrois grapes.

It is not a very famous variety of winemaking but it has still managed to be able to produce wines with 100% grape of its own.

Alsace is the major producer and any visitor to this place has to try this wine and also those who are fond of low-acidic wines, this is the best you can taste.

It is also ideal to with light meals because of this low acidic property of the wine.

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Michael Bredahl

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