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Avanà grapes

The Italian red wine grape variety Avanà is mainly cultivated in the Piedmont wine region of northwestern Italy.

Earlier it was also grown in the Savoie and Dauphine region in Eastern France. It was also grown in the Valais region in Switzerland.

This grape is used as a minority component in the blending of a number of wines. Varietal wines of this grape can be found.

They are supposed to be rich in taste with fairly high acidity level. In different regions it is known by different names like Davana, Vernaglio, Guibou, Alvana di Susa and Raisin Cerise and many more.

Avanà grape ripens in early to mid-season. This grape is known for irregular harvest from season to season.

It is also very prone to viticulture hazards like fungal infection. Wines made from this grape need to have an alcohol content of minimum 10.5% according to DOC.

Pinerolese Ramie s a wine which has to have 30% of Avanà grape and 15% of Avarengo which is grape variety Avanà grape is mostly blended with to produce different varieties of red wine.

For making varietal wine, DOC has provided 80 hectares but still Avanà makes only 85% of the wine.

Wine grape varieties

The cultivation has now gone down. Avanà can now be exclusively found in the Susa valley of Piedmont. There are around 30 hectares of land which grow this variety.

Many tasters cherish this wine as it is not very acidic and can be pleasing to mouths of those who prefer low acidic wines.

Experiments are being carried out to find a better use of this grape for winemaking.

Origin of Avanà

Avanà was said to be brought to Italy from France in the 17th Century in 1606 under the synonym Avanto.

It was when the Duchy of Savoy was ruling in this area of Europe. It was very famous in the 18th and 19th century, but when phylloxera arrived in 1860, its demand was affected severely.

Further DNA tests have shown the parent-child relationship with Cacaboiué grape variety. It was later proved that Hibounoi variety of grape which grew in Swiss region and Savoie region were the same variety as Avanà.

Its production was spread to many other areas, but as new varieties of grapes emerged the demand for this variety went down.

This variety has been in the history of winemaking for a long time and so it should be preserved for future generations to see how generation after generation cultivation of this grape gave livelihood to people!

Wines with Avanà grapes

Features of Avanà

It is a dark skinned grape. Wines formed from this grape have dark violet-ruby colour. In terms of aroma they are peppery.

It is genetically related to Gamay and Troyan. They do not have a very high alcoholic content or very high acidity.

Both wines have a pleasant taste. Compact bunches of medium to large sized berries are formed which ripen in the early season or in the mid-season.

Due to this irregularity many farmers avoid the cultivation of this variety of grape. As a result very few farmers, who had been growing this grape since generation, are the only producers of Avanà wine grape.

Though its demand has decreased, there are few winemakers who prefer using Avanà grape in their red wine blend for aromatic taste and ruby colour.

Also for people who avoid taking wines with high acidity, this is the perfect substitute. Among low acidity wines, Avanà grape wine is the one you must not miss to try! You can order it online depending on its availability.

Food Pairing

Wines made from Avanà grape are best paired with lentil soup. They can also be enjoyed with vegetable salads and slightly salty dishes as the wine has a fairly high acidity.

Vegetable tartar is praised by many people when consumed with this wine.

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Due to its aromatic flavour, light food items such as cheese and macaroni can also be enjoyed giving complement to the unique taste of the wine.

The demand for this variety of grape has gone down. It has a unique taste like all other grapes and therefore needs to be saved for future generation.

Italy is the home to many popular wines, Avanà grape wine, though not popular, is also a part of Italian winery.

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