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Avgoustiatis grapes

by | Sep 30, 2016

Found in the laps of Greek islands, Avgoustiatis is a very rare red wine grape variety. It is mainly found in the Peloponnese and Zakynthos region and is used in making only a handful of wines.


Even though the number of wines using this grape is less, it is known to give high quality results and taste in these few varieties.

It is mainly used in making dry red wines. Plantation for this variety has increased over the years. Since it is rare, it is tough to find a varietal wine.

Only 2000 bottles are made in the whole year. It is mostly blended with wines like Mavrodaphne. Antares is another wine made from 20% Mourvedre and 80% Avgoustiatis.

Wines made from Avgoustiatis have slightly high acidic and so the majority of people like its taste. It is very important for the local population.

Wine grape varieties

People who like trying different tastes of wine are mesmerized by its taste. After being plucked the buds are subject to fermentation and kept in oak barrels for a few months.

As its varietal form is rare, it is used mainly for blending purposes. Experiments on the grape are being carried out to find a new taste from this grape by blending it with some other.

This variety of wine is among the best in case of dry wines and should at least be tried once in a while.

Origin of Avgoustiatis

Avgoustiatis grape got its name from the Greek word for the month of August as it gets ripe in that month.

The exact origin of the grape, like most of the other grapes, is not yet confirmed. It has only been growing in parts of Greece and nowhere else.

No other part of the world uses this wine for making wines. This variety is now being spread so as to extract maximum out of its rare flavour.

Evidently, the first vines were planted in the Region of Greece in the 14th century. The plantation decreased due to weather conditions and the variety came on the verge of extinction.

With efforts it was saved and now is being spread again! We would have missed such extraordinary flavours if it would have become extinct.


Wines made from this grape are deep in colour showing traces of red and purple.

The aroma given out is similar to that of ripe fruits and herbs.
New vines are being planted, but there are a number of old vines which are growing since many years.

Taste varies from walnut to coca to vanilla.

Chilled glass of rose. #Perfect #Greekwines @MercouriEstate #LampadiasRose #Agiorgitiko #Avgoustiatis

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The alcohol content is slightly high for these wines. They can be enjoyed both young and aged for four to six years. These wines have high acidity.

Grapes grow in compact bunches and are plucked in the first week of September when they are totally ripe. They are to be plucked very carefully to avoid damage.

The colour of the wine changes to ruby red as the wine ages. It gives a different and pleasing taste after a few years.

Its varietal variety, because of less production, costs higher than the blended variety. It needs to be protected from pests that damage the roots of the vines.

Food Pairing

Wines made from Avgoustiatis grape are well paired with yellow cheeses. You can take fruits like green apple or avocado to cherish the taste of this wine.

Almonds are also perfect with this wine. Since it is slightly acidic, it can be taken with light salted dishes such as peanuts or salads.

Vegetables with red sauce is said to taste the best with this wine and other dishes with intense taste are also suggested.

It is said that those who specially seeks this wine have a very nice experience of wines. It is ideal for the wine taster seeking different flavours and varieties of wines.

This variety of grapes is rare, but its high quality makes it an important variety. It therefore needs to be spread across so as to encourage people to grow more and more vines of this rare variety of grape.

You can order the wine online if you have an interest in trying this special red grape wine. You must not miss the chance as rare varieties might not last long enough!

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