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Baco Noir grapes

by | Sep 1, 2016

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Baco Noir is a wine grape typically used for the purpose of production of red wines in countries like United States of America and Canada.

Baco Noir grapes

Vine and Viticulture for Baco Noir grapes

Baco Noir grapes typically appear as vigorous & having a semi procumbent growth style. This grape, when it comes to budding, tends to bud early, making it susceptible to injury from spring frost damage.

Usually cluster thinning is not required with this grape and that if the grape is subjected to cane pruning, it gives quite satisfactory yield.

When it comes to the soil, this grape grows well in heavy soils and does well even in soils which are poorly drained.

However, in case of light soils, excessive vigour occurs which tends to increase the risk of winter injuries.

When it comes to diseases and pest, this grape is highly susceptible to crown gall and black rot, while being moderately susceptible to Eutypa dieback, powdery mildew and Botrytis bunch rot.

This grape is also slightly susceptible to downy mildew, anthracnose, leaf spot and Phomopsis cane. When it comes to injuries from sulphur, it offers a high degree of resistance.

Though, its susceptibility to copper is unknown. Also, this grape is susceptible to soil borne virus diseases & is quite attractive to birds.

When it comes to the clusters, it grows in small to medium sized clusters which appear cylindrical and compact.

The berries, which are high on acidic content and low on tannicity, grow in small batches which are small in size & round in shape with black coloured skin, soft pulp and herbaceous taste.

Wine grape varieties

Wines with Baco Noir grapes

Characteristics of Baco Noir wine

Baco Noir grape typically produces wines which have a light to medium body with good acidity, thus being one of the favourites over Pinot Noir amongst the growers.

Due to the deep colours, high acidity and low tannin content, this wine gives out herbaceous taste of cedar and wild flowers.

This wine does not give the distinctive foxy flavours and aromas of the other Vitisriparia varietals, but instead gives rich fruity tones, typified by plum and blueberry.

This wine typically does not require ageing, but when aged in oak, gives a great rustic finish to the wine.

Baco Noir wine typically is used as a blending partner with other wines and quite rarely is used as a varietal wine.

Food Pairings with Baco Noir wine

This wine can be paired well with most barbeque dishes.

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Michael Bredahl

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