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Baiyu grapes

by | Oct 30, 2016

Baiyu is a variety of white wine grape found in the Republic of Georgia.

It is believed that this grape has been grown from a number of millennia.


It is still the most popular grape in Georgia. This white wine complements the most famous Saperavi (red-wine grape).

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Origin and History of Baiyu Grape

The prehistoric Vinifera was started off in Georgia and is among the oldest varieties of grapes on earth. In Georgia, the seed of Baiyu grapes dating back to 3000 BC was found on the clay vessels.

Baiyu was famous to the Soviet Union before its collapse and at one point accountable for above 18% of all the wine production in Soviet. There this grape was used to produce everything from liqueurs to table wine to Sherry-like strong wine.

It was primarily famous for its sweet dessert-wines in Kakheti fashioned in the same way as port wine. Many efforts were made to produce a sparkling wine from the grape but it’s purely high alcohol content stopped it from being successful.

Characteristics of Baiyu Grape Wine

Baiyu produces evidently acidic, neutral white wine with floral and spicy notes in the fragrance. The typical Baiyu wine is best described as refreshing and restrained, with crisp flavors of green-apple and hints of white peach and quince.

A good instance of a fine vintage wine from Baiyu grapes in the 1990 that has been recently mentioned in the wine press of UK is developed from Moldova and Cricova.

It has been illustrated that it has a mature oloroso nature, with sugary, flavor of raisin fruit and nutty aromas of caramel. These are super preserved, ripe, luscious fruits with fantastic nuts and honey, burnt sugar and caramel.

Food Pairing with Baiyu Wine

The Baiyu wine can be taken along with some food items like potato pancake, creamy pastas.

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Michael Bredahl

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