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Barbera Bianca grapes

by | Nov 29, 2016

Barbera Bianca is a grape variety which produces white wine and is cultivated in the wine region of Piedmont in northern Italy.

Barbera Bianca

It is not the red wine grape’s color mutation, i.e. Barbera of Piedmont which is the Italy’s 3rd most widely grown grape variety. Actually, in the early 21st century, a DNA analysis was carried out which proved that there is no genetic relationship between these two grapes.

Wine grape varieties

The grape is famous for its extreme level of acidity, the maximum of which is tartaric acid not malic acid. The tendency of acid makes the grape good for the production of the sparkling wine.

This is a sanctioned grape in the DOC (Denominazione of origine contrallata) wines of Colli Tortonedi made in the Alessandria province.

Origin and History

The exact birthplace of Barbera Bianca is unknown yet the grape was cultivated since the 19th century in the Italy’s Piedmont region when it was documented in 1825.

Wine Ampelographers suppose that this name was given to the grape because of its morphological resemblance with Barbera, typically the shape and size of the grape clusters and berries of both the grape vines.

Anyhow, in the 21st century, the DNA profiling explained that these two grape varieties are different with no genetic relation between them.

Regions Where It Is Grown

In 2000, 280 hectares of this grape were grown in Italy, almost all of them in the Alessandria province. Most commonly, it is found across the communes in old vineyards of Alessandria and Acqui Terme.

The grape here is usually blended with white wine grapes such as Muscat Blanc Petit Grains, Cortese, Vermentino and Timorasso which can aid in reducing the high levels of acid in Barbera Bianca.


Barbera Bianca has been popularized by several synonyms over the years such as Bertoulin, Bertolino, Lardera, Lardera delle Langhe, Lardera Bianca, Caria l’Aso, Martinella, Ovata Bianca, Martinetta, Peisin, Poisino, Uva Ovata, Peigein, Poison Bianca and Peigin.

Characteristics of Grape

The color of the berry is white. The leaves of the grape are medium-sized with 5 lobes and shaped from orbicular to cuneiform.

Bunches of the grapes are medium-large, slightly elongated, compact, and cylindrical-conical in shape with short wings.

The berries of the grapes are thick, waxy, large, and greenish white in color which turns into golden amber upon sun exposure.


Barbera Bianca is a grape variety which ripens in the mid of the season that is likely to produce high yields if the late season green harvesting and winter pruning are not checked.

The grape exhibits very high amount of tartaric acid even when fully ripe. The plant shows resistance to frost and has low susceptibility to downy mildew, powdery mildew is more prominent.

The growth is favored in the calcareous clay bottom on the hilly terrain. The ripening duration is average. Barbera Bianca flowers early, ripens late and has a long growth cycle.

This grape variety is a prolific variety with large bunches of grapes. It is a stable variety and produces high yields. It suitable grows on hilly landscape in plantings of lime loam.

It is sensitive to botrytis in the wet season. This is an average booming grape variety with significantly constant production and high fertility.

It manages with well pruning and training techniques, leaving a single fruit cane; it adjusts well to acid rot and short mould in the bunch of the grapes. Its grapes have high levels of anthocyans and fixed acidity.

Characteristics of Wine

Barbera Bianca is a delicious fashionable white wine from Lombardia. This produces a delicate, beautiful white wine with superb aromas of green apple and a long lasting finish.

The white wine grape is straw-yellow in color which is relatively intense. The nose is delicate and fruity, not typically intense.

The wine is medium-bodied, fresh and fine, fruity and well-balanced on the palate. The nose of Barbera Bianca is low key and subtle, while dried straw, evincing scrubby, rhubarb and pomegranate-like fragrances.

The lemon/lime acidity accentuates the desert dry flavor which salivates the palate for all the dishes which we desire for in summer.

Food Pairings with Wine

This white wine can be paired with pizzas, mushroom risotto, spaghetti and fonduta with truffles.

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