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Beaunoir grapes

by | Nov 29, 2016

If you are well-versed with the grape as well as wine of Chardonnay, you must be acquainted with its sibling as well.

Beaunoir grapes

Beaunoir is one traditional variety of red wine grape which mainly finds its origin in France. This grape is closely related to one of the most popular varieties of grape, Chardonnay and is mostly referred to as its sibling.

Though its sibling is very much popular in the world and is used in the production of some of the greatest wine, Beaunoir is not as famous as Chardonnay.

In fact, this vine is not grown much all these days and it finds its production in restricted regions only. The grape as to its appearance is very beautiful and dark in color and is mostly referred as beautiful black.

The berries of this grape are relatively small and they fetch a little color as well as alcohol to a blend.

The cultivation of this variety of red wine grape was found in abundance in the middle ages where it was widely cultivated in the areas of Champagne as well as Burgundy.

However, today the whole scenario has become the other way around. The production and cultivation of Beaunoir is almost disappeared today.

The etymology of this grape variety considers it beautiful black in French and the same has been extracted considering the dark skin color of the grapes of this grape variety.

Wine grape varieties

The parents of Beaunoir are Pinot Noir as well as Gouais Blanc. Together, these grapes make this variety as the sibling of Chardonnay as well as Aligote.

Although the wines produced out of his grape variety do not entertain the rich properties as that of its siblings, yet they are decent.

Today, this grape variety has almost vanished and excluded out of the list of the grape varieties that produce amazing wines in France.

The synonyms of this grape variety include the names like Co Gris, Cep Gris, Pinot D’Ai, Pinot D’Orleans, Sogris, Seau Gris as well as Mourillon.

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Beaunoir finds its origin in the region of France. According to a DNA fingerprinting, this red wine grape variety is the result of the cross performed between Pinot and Gouais Blanc.

Thus, this cross makes it a total sibling of some of the famous grape varieties such as Aligote as well as Chardonnay.

One of its parents, Gouais Blac was once popularly grown by the peasantry of France in the medieval ages. Thus, the results fetched a number of opportunities of hybridization and therefore the offspring produced from this hybrid vigor as the parents was very different in terms of its genes.

This grape is also said to be considered the result of other crosses done between the varieties such as Roublot, Sacy, Gamay Blanc, Gamay Nori, Gloriod, Bachet Noir, Aubin Vert, Franc Noir de la-Haute-Saone and many more.


The grapes of Beaunoir are pretty vigorous and they are very small and compact in terms of their size. Due to its less popularity the wines produced out of this grape are not so popular.

However, this fact doesn’t make these wines less flavorful. This red wine grape variety is used in the production of 27 different kinds of wine that are rich, vigorous and very tasteful.

Characteristics of Beaunoir Wines

These wines are dry and crispy and are full-bodied. They produce various kinds of fruity flavors such as that of melon, pineapple, apple and lemon.

Other flavors of the wines produced out of Beaunoir include flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, herbs, grass, oak, smoke, marshmallow, butter and many more.

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These wines entertain various kinds of textures, most of them are dry. The level of acidity of these wines is high and most of them are every rich and velvety.

Thus, all the wines produced from this variety of red wine grape are easy wines with a fair level of sweetness as well as acidity.

Talking about the features of the wine, the features in the wines of Beaunoir are very much similar to that of the wines produced out of Chardonnay.

However, the wines produced out of Beaunoir are little inferior if we compare them to the wines of Chardonnay.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of Beaunoir taste their best when they are paired with salad, lasagna as well as chorizo-crusted cod.


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