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Belat grapes

Belat is a grape variety used in the process of red wine making. This grape is cultivated in Spain and it was discovered in the area of Penedès by mistake in the vineyard which was abandoned.

This grape varietal has a very different and a distinct DNA and produces wines which are bright red in colour having soft to medium tannin content and giving out the flavours of tobacco, spices and red fruits like cherry.

Wine grape varieties

On the whole this is a wine which has now been picked up by Albet i Noya and it is being marketed as a blend as well as, as a varietal wine.

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History of Belat grapes

Belatgrape which is native to northeastern Spain was initially called as Numero 2 or tinta. Later it got renamed to Velat which basically means veiled in Catalan as this grape variant was discovered by mistake.

Finally, this grape got its name to what it currently has, that is Belat.

Belat berries are thin skinned and grow in a conical mid-sized cluster. These grapes are suited for soils which are calcareous clayey having low levels of organic material with high magnesium content.

Wine making process for Belat grapes

In order to convert the Belat grapes to wine, the grapes are allowed to go through the fermentation process along with the maceration of the skin.

As a result of this,malolactic fermentation happens and after the wine is aged for 12 to 18 months, it is ready for consumption.

This wine is quite a rare wine. Since the production of the grapes is low, there will only be 500 bottles available every year till the year 2021.

Wines with Belat grapes

Belat Wine Aromas and Flavours

Belat wine gives out fruit flavours of plum, cherry, strawberry and tomato along with earthy, herbal and floral flavours of leather, vanilla, tobacco, and clove.

As far as ageing is concerned, this wine is aged for 12 to 18 months in an American or a French oak barrel and it often takes the flavour of the barrel.

As far as tannin level is concerned, it is medium, with medium acidity levels. The alcohol content of the wine is 13 – 14.5 percent.

Characteristic of Belat Wine

When one first tastes the Spanish Belat, it gives the flavour of leather and cherries.

The finish of the wine is mild and smooth and tends to linger on both the sides of the mouth due to its medium tannin content.

Some Belat varieties give out a lot of cherry and tomato sauce flavors followed with a chunky tannin.

Belat wines usually are classified as either full bodied or medium bodied wines with red fruit characteristics.

Belat appears more translucent in a glass due to its thin skins and large grape size. Due to the aging style in a traditional oak, Belat wines give a ruddy orange hue.

As far as texture is concerned, this wine has a not so thick and a non-oily texture.

Belat wine Food Pairing

Belat wine pairs really well with many foods due to its savoury taste. This wine goes well with Spanish cuisine, which includes roasted vegetables, grilled vegetables with roasted tomatoes and onion.

This wine also goes well with Italian dishes like the lasagna, pizza and tomato sauce based dishes.

When this wine is had with American cuisines, it tastes quite different to the Italian wines and it can be said that this wine is a perfect companion to the otherwise fatty American foods.

This wine also goes well with Mexican dishes like Bean Quesadillas, potato burritos and chile rellenos.

When it comes to the French food, this wine tends to give a very layered and a complex structure and pairs well with it.

This wine can also be had with grits, polenta and corn based dishes. This wine also goes well with mushrooms and cheeses like aged cheddar or hard cheeses like Pecorino.

However, Belat may not be liked by all with respect to the spicy foods, since the wine has a high alcohol content and the hotness levels of the capsaicin, present in spices tend to enhance the alcohol flavour in the wines making it taste bitter.


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