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Bianco d’Alessano grapes

by | Nov 30, 2016

Bianco d’Alessano is an Italian white wine grape which is produced solely in Puglia.

Bianco d'Alessano

Wines produced using this grape assortment are regularly rich in surface and quite often demonstrate pear flavors, upheld by apple and once in a while peach notes.

Bianco d’Alessano shows a great sense of taste and weight, with enough acridity to keep the wine adjusted. Bianco d’Alessano is local to southern Italy and has a long history with Puglia.

It is a grape assortment that keeps up an abnormal state of acidity in spite of it developing in warm parched atmospheres. Ricca Terra Farms perhaps has the main business planting of Bianco d’Alessano outside of Italy and unquestionably has the main planting in Australia. It is a mid-late aging assortment and makes a wine fundamentally the same as Riesling.

Wine grape varieties

In its local Puglia, it is utilized as a part of the white wines of Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Lizzano. Much of the time, it is mixed with Verdeca, however varietal Bianco d’Alessano wines, have turned out to be more mainstream in the mid-21st Century.

In spite of the fact that the assortment develops no place else on Earth, there is a little yet exceedingly fruitful vineyard by the banks of the Murray waterway simply outside Berri, South Australia.

It is a white grape of obscure beginning whose nearness in the Murge Martines (Taranto) appears to go back to 1870.

It has for quite some time been developed alongside other assortments, particularly with the Verdeca that has won more hearts in view of its greenish shading in the wine. It is more prevalent with purchasers than the white to light yellow clear D’Alessio.


Salena Estates’ Bianco d’Alessano is the specialty produced only in this area since 2010.

It is a fact that the judges were ignorant of the assortment before its appearance in a show.

In any case, they were clearly awed as the wine won trophies for Best Italian Variety, Best White and Best Wine of the Show.

Bianco d’Alessano is grown only in the Italian district of Puglia, where it is mixed in various DOCs including Locorotondo, Gravina and Ostuni. Its mixing accomplices in these white wines incorporate Greco, Verdeca, Fiano and Malvasia.

In Australia Bianco can possibly join Greco and Vermentino, Fiano as rising assortments to create medium bodied wines which will perform well in warm to hot areas.

Salena Estate in the Riverland Region of South Australia has unquestionably been successful in indicating exactly what is conceivable.


Developed under the names Bianco di Lessameand Acchiappapalmentotoo, Biancod’Alessano is of indeterminate inception. There is no doubt that it has dependably been produced with different assortments, for example, Verdeca in the Valle d’Itria.

Non-fragrant and with impartial flavors, it builds up a funnel shaped tube like bunch, with one or no wings, and berries of yellow color. It blossoms early, however ages medium-late.

It is tolerant of a scope of atmospheres and soils, and is decently disease safe. Bianco d’Alessano was one of the principal assortments to be united onto American rootstocks after the phylloxera emergency, and today, it is one of the pillars of the Valle d’Itria DOPs.

It is seldom delivered as a mono-varietal which means having a single variety, yet it is utilized to make wines that are fresh and wonderful, however not planned for maturing.

The leaves are medium-huge sized and are shaped orbicular. Its bunch is medium to huge, barrel cone shaped with a wing. Also, it has a conservative, medium sized berry.

The natural product or the berry is circular with tough skin and is secured with plentiful blossoms. It inclines toward medium soil and the cultivating frameworks must be of a medium development with broad pruning.

Food Pairing

White wines make a superb backup to numerous food items, especially foods of India and Southern Asia. When served chilled, white wines with low liquor are an incredible match with hot and spicy food items.

White wines join with salty snacks to deliver a profoundly striking salty impact. White wines with high acridity, (for example, Riesling) can deal with harsh vinegar-based sauces.

These wines have a light-to-medium potency, so coordinate them with light-to-medium stir fried tofu. Asian sauces with sugar, nectar or tamarind coordinate well with white wines.

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