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Bombino Bianco grapes

by | Dec 4, 2016

Bombino bianco is an Italian grape variety which produces white wine and is primarily grown along the coast line of the river Adriatic in Italy, most markedly in Apulia.

Bombino Bianco

The grape vine is a high yielding variety and usually produces wines with neutral flavors.

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Origin and History

The place where the grape actually originated is not yet known, but several old wine texts claim that the origin of the grape might be in Spain.

At present, most wine ampelographers think that the grape variety is native to Southern Italy and most possibly Apulia was believed to be the home to this grape.

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DNA analysis carried out in the 20th century has proved that the Bombino Bianco is definitely related to Bombino Nero, it is in fact its own different variety not a color mutation.

Although there are similarity in synonyms of Bombino bianco and Ugni blanc, these two varieties are not related.

Regions Where It Is Grown

There were about 3000 hectares in the year of 2000 grown in Italy, the immense majority of Bombino Bianco is found in the south of Italy primarily in Lecce, Foggia and Bari provinces.

Apart from Apulia, this variety is present in Molise, Lazio and Marche, where its name is Ottonese and in the region of Emilia Romagna, in the DOC wine Pagadebit di Romagna, this grape is a major variety.

Bombino Bianco is a sanctioned grape in many DOC regions such as in the Pentro di Isernia DOC in the province of Isernia of Molise, the DOC of Biferno in the Campobasso province, Bianco Capena, Cesanese di Olevano Romano, Marino, Cerverteri and Frascati DOCs in the Rome province of Lazio and San Severo DOC in the province of Foggia of Apulia.


Over the years this grape variety has been popular under several synonyms such as Bambino, Abondante, Banjac, Bambino Peloso Gentile, Bammino, Bilana, Bommino, Bobbino, Bonvino, Buon Vino, Butta Palmento, Buttspezzante, Calpolese, Campanile, Castella, Carapa, Cococciola, Debit, Donnee, Ottonese, Pulizanac, Ripona, Tivolese bianco, Uva Fermana, Zapponara Bianca and Trivolese.

Characteristics of the Grape

The grape has medium sized leaf which has five lobes.

The grape clusters are conical- cylindrical in shape and medium-large in size, semi-loose and generally winged.

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The berries are round, medium-large in size with yellow-greenish, thick and consistent brown spots. The grape variety grows favorably in light soils which are calcareous-siliceous, well exposed and stony. The pruning decreases the prolific alternation, but yet is abundant.

Viticulture and Vinification

Bombino Bianco is a grape variety which ripens late and is most distinguished for the high yields produced by the vine. Comparatively it is also easy to grow with strong resistance to several viticultural hazards like the fungal infections downy and powdery mildew along with botrytis bunch rot.

The harvesting of the grapes is done at an early phase of ripeness to assure the perfect acidity level and character. After little maceration which lasts for 12-24 hours, the fermentation is carried out in a stainless steel vessel from 7-10 days at a regulated temperature of 15-18 ⁰ C.

Then the process of aging the wine is done in stainless steel containers for 5 months. Before the wine is bottled, the filtration is done and then the wine is subjected to aging in bottles for 1 month.

Characteristics of Wine

Jancis Robinson, the Wine Master believes that Bambino Bianco has a tendency to produce wines with comparatively neutral flavor which are not very fragrant but can show some herbaceous or citrus notes with some minerality.

Although the grape can produce varietal wines, it is usually used as a blending partner of both white and red wines which can be produced with a wide variety of sweetness.

Along with still wines, few DOCs make full sparkling style spumante and semi-sparkling style frizzante from the grape. The wine has a light-body with soft, refreshing fruit flavors having notes of apples and wild flower.

This grape variety is also used to produce vermouth and raisins. When poured out in a glass, the wine exhibits golden color. The aroma infuses a refreshing stoned and zest fruit. The wine is soft and welcoming on the palate.

Food Pairings with Wine

The wine is perfectly paired with appetizers, light soups, finger food.


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