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Bourboulenc Wine Grapes

by | Nov 15, 2016

Bourboulenc is a variety of white wine grape which is primarily based and grown in Southern France.


This grape is also found in the areas of Southern Rhone Provence as well as Languedoc. Bourboulenc is considered as one of the most popular varieties of white wine grape that is used in the preparation of various tasteful wines of the world.

Any wine-lover or wine-researcher must be very familiar to this name since this grape variety is also used as a blending variety with other famous wines of the world. This variety of white wine grape is very ancient in nature and is mainly grown in Southern France.

Bourboulenc is a white grape variety which takes a lot of time to ripen. Bunches of this grape are tighter if we compare it to other grape bunches. Because of these characteristics, this grape is very prone to rot in some years.

This grape comprises of a good penetrating character. If the grapes of this vine are picked too soon, the wines produced out of it give a thin as well as neutral taste.

This grape variety is mostly used as a blending grape in a number of wines from Languedoc, Provence as well as the southern Rhone Valley. In the year 2000, the plantation of this white wine grape was found in the area spreading up to 800 hectares in France.

The best expressions of this white wine grape come from the area of Le Clape. When this grape was firstly used in the production of wine, it was known under the name of Asprokondoura in ancient Greek.

Wine grape varieties

Bourboulenc embraces numerous synonyms varying from one area to another. The synonyms of this variety of white wine grape include Berloublacnc, Blanquette du Frontonnais, Bourboujlanc, Bourbouleng, Bourbounenco, Burbulen, Bourboulenque, Clairette a grains ronds, Frappad Grosse, Malvoisie a la Clape, Mourterille, Picardan, Onden, Roussette du Vancluse, Clairetteroussse du Var, Grosse Clairette, Frappad and many others.


The origin of Bourboulenc is very ancient.

Although this variety of white wine grape has been grown in the southern areas of France for a long period of time today, Bourboulenc is considered to be having a Greek origin.

The French vineyard where the plantation of this white wine grape was carried out was cut by about half somewhere in the 1970s. However, it was again doubled in the 1980s. The popularity of this white wine grape is mostly entertained in the region of Languedoc.

The mention of Bourboulenc was firstly made in the literature of the 16 century where it was considered to be a native to Provence. The name Bourboulenc to this grapevine has been possibly extracted from the vineyard of that area.

However, the various researches in this context were put forward. In its native region of Greek, this white wine grape was known under the name of Asprokondoura.


During its process of plantation and ripening, Bourboulenc behaves very decent. It offers good yields as well as resistance to the botrytis bunch rot. The vines of this grape take a lot of time to ripen themselves completely.

Because of this factor, it is able to retain its acidity in the dry Mediterranean climate. This grape is mostly used as a blending grape in all other different wines of the world because it helps to provide a balanced acidity as well as structure to the wine.

At the same time, this grape also offers various spicy flavors to the wine that eventually enhances its taste as well as flavor. This grape adds very strong citrus, floral as well as herbal characteristics to the wine retaining its freshness because of its features of high acidity as well as low alcohol personality.

Since it is mainly used as a blending grape, the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety show amazing characteristics and taste flavorful.

This variety of white wine grape is used as a blending agent in some of the most tasteful wines of the world such as Roussanne as well as Grenache Blanc.

Food Pairing

Bourboulenc is one great variety of white wine grape which is paired with various meals as well as salads. The wines prepared out of this grape taste the best when they are paired with pasta with a creamy sauce, scallops steamed in sake as well as broad bean and cheese salad.


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