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Bouvier grapes

by | Oct 1, 2016

The Bouvier is an amazing variety of white grape as well as table grape.
This variety is planted in Europe central.


The leaves are medium and circular with about five lobes. They are deeply lobed. The grape clusters are small sized to medium sized. The clusters contain medium dense to loose grapes.

They are cylindrical in shape, often having wings. The round grapes are greenish – yellow in color and have thick skins. It ripens quite early. It is quite resistant to frost, but the yield is quite low. The wine produced by them is golden yellow in color, milder in taste and owns a Muscat fragrance.

Wine grape varieties

Their low- yielding character is responsible for their drowning popularity. They are not very known these days.

This grape variety is used for making Strum. Strum is semi- fermented grape must that is seasonally produced. It is young bottled wines that are semi- sparkling, sweet wines. These wines are lightly alcoholic.

History and Origin

This variety was discovered by Clotar Bouvier (1853- 1930). He was a winery owner and in the year 1990, he discovered this vine variety in his vineyard located in Herzogburg, Ober- Radkersburg (Slovenia).

This vine was used by him for breeding. He carried out breeding for several years and then began to sell it. This made this vine variety popular Austria- Hungary.

After DNA profiling, it came out that the Bouvier is a cross of Pinot variety (Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris) with an unidentified variety, most probably Muscat a Petits Grains.

In the year 1963, Laszlo Bereznai and Jozsef Csizmazia, two viticulturists, crossed Bouvier variety with Eger 2 to produce Bianca, a Hungarian wine grape.

Synonyms of Bouvier white wine

Bouvier is called by several other names. They are Bela Ranka, Bela Ranina, Bouvier Précoce, Boouvierovo Grozno, , Bouvier blanc, Bouvier Traube weisse, Bouvierova Ranina, Bouvierov Hrozen, Bouvierovo Hrozno, Bouvier Trante weisse, Bouvierovo Grozno, Bouvierrebe, Bouvierovo Ranina, Bouvieruv Hrozen, Bouviertraube, Bouviertraube weisse, Bouvijeorva Ranina, Bouvijejeva Ranka, Bouvijerova Ranka, Buvie, Bovije, Buvierov Hrozen, Buveleova Ranka, Buvije, Buvijeova Ranka, Buvijeova Ranina, Buvijeva Ranka, Chasselas Bouvier, Kimmig Kp 1, Buvileova Ranka, Findling, Précoce de Bouvier, Précoce de Bouvier blanc, Précoce de Bouvier bianco, Radgonska Ranina, Précoce di Bouvier bianco, Radgonska Ranina bijela, Ranina, Ranka, Sasla Buvije, Ragdonska Ranina bela and Ranina bela.


Though this variety is low- yielding grape variety, but there are several plantations of this vine. Going back in history, in the year 1999, there were about 900 acres (365 hectares) of plantations of this grape variety in Austria. In Germany, in the year 2004, it was cultivated on about 77 acres (31 hectare) of land.

Burgenland is also a primary region, which has great plantations of this grape variety. There it is also used to make Pradikat wines. These wines have mild character.

They possess a delicate nutmeg tone. But, this variety has a low yield and is unpredictable. Thus, it has lost its popularity nowadays.

Viticulture/ Vinification  

The wine is barrel fermented to get the best taste. It is aged for about twelve months in barrels, about 30 percent of which are new.

Characteristics of Bouvier White Wine

The wine produced by them is sweet and semi- sparkling. These wines are quite low in acidity. They are used with Welschrriesling where they appear in typical dry white wines.

The wines have a sweet nutmeg character in them. The semi- sparkling wine tastes amazing.  The wines have mild character. They are extracting- rich.

Food matches for Bouvier white wine

Pairing wine with good food is not an easy task to do. It is really important to pair correct food with correct wine. There are many food options that pair best with the Bouvier white wine.

If you are inviting your friends over for dinner; pair Bouvier white wine with roasted pumpkin dishes; and your friends couldn’t not keep themselves from appreciating your food and wine pairing sensibilities. Also, Macaroni cheese tastes amazing when taken with Bouvier white wine.

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