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Breidecker grapes

by Dec 8, 20160 comments

Breidecker is an excellent variety of white wine grape that aims to produce a number of tasteful white wines.


This grape is not an original variety of grape, but a hybrid grape which is a result out of the interspecific cross performed in between (Riesling x Silvaner) x Seibel 7053.

This brilliant variety of white wine grape is used in the preparation of German white wine which is very rich as its flavor and embraces the tastes similar to that of pear and apple.

This variety of white wine grape is not a regular one, on the contrary it is very rare and therefore it finds its existence in limited areas only, specifically in Germany where this grape owes its very origin.

At the same time, this variety of white wine grape can also be seen in limited areas on the southern island of New Zealand, where this grape is used for the production of various neutral, varietal as well as blended white wines that are very rich as their flavors.

This variety of white wine grape is very much resistant to downy mildew fungus as well as bunch rot diseases. Since this grape does not entertain any organic origin, it has been named after a person named Heinrich Breidecker, who is considered as one of the pioneer grape growers of New Zealand.

Wine grape varieties

Breidecker is used in the preparation of a number of white wines. This grape variety also finds its similarities to other white wine grapes such as Riesling, Silvaner as well as Seibel.

This grape is generally used as a blend with other grape varieties in their preparation of different kinds of tasteful wines of the world. Breidecker is known by a number of names to the world.

The synonyms of this white wine grape include the names or breeding codes such as Geisenheim 4984, CD 4984 as well as Gm 48-84.


As already stated, Breidecker is a variety of white wine grape which doesn’t have any organic origin. In fact, this white wine grape is the result of a cross performed in between two grape varieties.

This grape was firstly released by the Geisenheim Research station of Germany in the year 1962 and this is why it adopts a technical name of GM 4894. In this Research Station, this grape variety was derived out of a cross performed in between the Chancellor and Muller-Thurgau.

This grape variety finds its major origin in Germany. Today, the vineyards of Breidecker are also found in several parts of New Zealand that grow this variety of grape in full-throttle.


This white wine grape adopts a number of features and characteristics. As already stated, this variety of white wine grape is not a regular, but a rare variety of white grape.

Thus, it is usually grown in very small quantities, mainly in the regions of Germany and New Zealand. The wines produced out of this grape variety entertain a very light body and are very clear as to their appearance.

According to some people, this wine is as clear as water. In terms of its taste, the wine produced out of Breidecker is similar to fruits like apple and pear. Also, this variety of white wine grape can be easily made into white wines.

The berries of this grape are firstly picked from their concerned vineyards, mostly in the cool mornings. After they are picked, these berries are nicely crushed into various stainless steel tanks under the anaerobic forms and techniques.

Whatever juice is settled out of these crushed berries is then racked and filtered before starting off a ferment that usually lasts for a period of 24 days.

The ferment is further stopped prior to the completion in order to sustain a little amount of residual sugar into it. The wine so prepared is racked and cooled before it enters the bottle.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of Breidecker are very fruity and flavorful as  their taste. Thus, these wines can go well with a number of food varieties.

You can match the wines produced out of this white wine grape with green as well as salads along with walnuts and asparagus.

The wines produced out of these grapes also go well with a number of desserts.

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