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Bukettraube grapes

by Dec 8, 20160 comments

Bukettraube is one amazing variety of white wine grape that belongs to a region of Germany.


This grape doesn’t have any organic existence, but is a result of the cross that has been performed in between the grapes like Schiava Grossa as well as Silvaner.

This grape mostly finds its existence in the region of South Africa, though this white wine grape hasn’t been originated in this country. This white wine grape variety is used in the preparation and production of various sweet wines which also happen to be very tasteful in nature.

This grape variety is very much prone to noble rot known as Botrytis cinerea. All the wines prepared out of this white wine grape are very light as to its nature and are tinged in a floral fragrance.

The flavors that these white wines embrace are similar to that of peach, pear as well as apricot. The berries and grapes of this Bukettraube entertain a very early ripening and they ripe during the very beginning of their season.

The wines produced out of these grapes embrace a good level of acidity which is certainly a plus point. Also, these wines have a balanced level of sugar. These wines also happen to age well because of which their taste enhances to a certain extent.

Wine grape varieties

Apart from this, this grape variety is barely prepared into varietal wines. Most of the yields of this grape are exported to France, Zimbabwe, Germany as well as Spain, where they are turned into various tasteful wines.

The shelf life of this variety of white wine is very less and it exists for less than a year. Thus, because of this reason, this varietal wine is barely traded over any distant places.

This is the reason why this variety of grape is grown only in fewer locations and regions. The most common places where the production of this white wine grape is found in abundance are the parts and plantations of South Africa.

Also, these vines are mainly found in the other regions, including the Alsace region of France, Germany, Zimbabwe as well as Spain. In the recent times, the most notable region that grows the vines of this grape in abundance includes the region of South Africa.

Buketrrabe is a variety of white wine grape which is known to the world under a number of names. The synonyms of this grape include the names like Bouquet Blanc, Bouquet Traube, Bocksbeutel, Boxer, Bouquettraube, Bukettrebe, Buket, Bukettriesling, Wurzburgr, SylvanerMusque and many more.


As already stated, this white wine grape is the result of the cross that has been performed in between the grape varieties of Schiava Rossa/Trollinger and Silvaner which was obtained in the middle of the 19th century in the Randersacker village of Germany.

The cross was performed by the winegrower, Sebastian Englert.

Unfortunately, this variety of white wine grape has been hugely driven away from its homeland at the present time.

Today, this variety of white wine grape is available mainly in the region of South Africa in various small quantities.


Bukettraube is a variety of white wine grape which entertains a very aromatic variety. This feature certainly justifies the name given to this grape variety.

The levels of acidity and sweetness present in the wines of this white wine grape are very remarkable. All these factors collectively make this white wine grape very apt for the production of sweet and tasteful wines.

At the same time, the wines produced out of this variety of grape do not age very well. The grapes of Bukettraube entertain very conical bunches the berries of which are yellow-green or bronze in color.

The texture of these berries is firm as well as their skin is tough and rigid. The berries of this grape entertain a Muscat like bouquet. These berries also possess a rich and a fruity taste that is very much similar to peaches, apricots as well as pear.

The taste of wine produced out of this grape is slightly buttery and spicy. These wines also embrace the scents of flowers and grapes.

Food pairing

All kinds of wines produced out of this white wine grape variety go well with spicy food. These wines are also paired with the food that have chili and saffron as their main ingredient. The wines produced out of this grape taste the best with a vanilla custard slice.

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