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Busuioacă de Bohotin grapes

by | Oct 31, 2016

Busuioacă de Bohotin is a red wine grape with a berry skin of rouge color. This variety shows resemblance to Tamaioasa Romaneasca.

Busuioaca de Bohotin

It adjusts very well to the eco-climatic circumstances of NE Moldova, the finest results produced with southern exposure on sunny slopes.

Wine grape varieties

Origin and History

There is a similar variety in France known as Muscat violet de Frontignan and it is believed that Busuioaca de Bohotin was originated here. At the end of 1920s, the Professor from Moldova (Hogas Bohotin) introduced a species with the name Busuioaca de Bohotin.

This name is confused with Muscat Rouge de Madere, because of which difference was observed in the DNA in 2007 after the DNA analysis was carried out. Rather, this grape is most possibly the color mutation of Muscat Blanc.

Regions Where it is Grown

This grape was originated from the region of Bohotin in Iasi Co in Romania; and is also grown in other small regions such as Tohani in Pravoha County, Bivolari village, Pietrosele in Buzau County and Husi in Vaslui County, North-eastern part of Moldova, on a total area of 100 hectares.

Our original Busuioaca de Bohotin is a perfect sweet wine with a long record. This wine represents the dignity of Husi vineyard due to its distinctive characters – noble peculiarity being its main feature.


The synonyms of Busuioaca de Bohotin are Vanata de Bohotin, Busuioaca Neagra, Tamaioasa Violeta and Tamaioasa de Bohotin.

Characteristic of Grape

The grapes are conical-cylindrical, medium-sized, at times winged, although set on cluster bean. The berries are spherical, medium-sized, purple colored and thin-skinned.

The flesh of the fruit is juicy with a specific aroma based on the variety. After ageing, the color of the grape wine converts to that of ripe chestnuts and the grape’s bouquet obtain a novel, mouth-pleasing attribute.


The grapes ripen at the initial phase of October. It is a very picky grape variety which is cultivated and vinified with lots of difficulty. It was planted in the Budureasca vineyards in an area where efficient sun exposure is available so that to fight against the diseases caused due to moisture.

The Grape production acquired from this variety is 6-8 tonnes/hectares on an average. At complete ripening, the sugars accumulated by this variety are 250-270 g/l.

The acidity level of the grape is high i.e. 7.2 g/l sulphuric acid. The mid-ripening grape is vulnerable to both mildew, but resilient to Botrytis and even against icing down to -18⁰ C. It gives the white wine a rose color with nutmeg and fragrances of basil, peaches and Rosenton, which are grown exceptionally sweet.

This variety is cultivated mainly in the region of Husi, where it is pressed from her brand of wine. In 2010, the area under cultivation was 268 hectares. The pulp maceration takes place at a low temperature after which pressing is done.

The fractions are separated from pressing and about 60% of the alcohol is extracted without pressing of the grapes. The alcoholic fermentation is conducted for two weeks at 17⁰ C.

Characteristics of Grape Wine

The wines produced from this grape are purple colored with streaks of brick, high perfumed intensity of strawberry, basil, cherries and flavored with rose petals.

The flavor develops quickly and acquires a juicy fruit forming an exceptional personality of the wine. The wine has an onion skin pinkish color with a pleasant bouquet which is a characteristic feature of this grape.

The sweetness of the wine is elegantly stabilized by the high acidity, which makes it reinvigorating and friendly at the same time. It has a distinctive taste of roses and honeysuckle peers.

The wine is full-bodied and crisp. This is the authentic taste of Busuioaca de Bohotin. The acidity of the dessert-wine becomes high if served chilled, whereas the palate is pampered by the uniqueness of the wine.

It is a reinvigorating and exceptional wine, which can be drunk at any time of the day in any season. It is full of a glee for senses and thoughts.

Food Pairings with this Grape Wine

This grape wine is perfectly paired with some food items such as pastries, fat cheese, fondant chocolate desserts, foie gras, truffles, mature cheese flavored, chocolate creams.

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