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Cabernet Gernischt grapes

by | Dec 9, 2016

It is an excellent variety of red grape which produces various remarkable red wines. This red wine grape variety is mostly found and grown in China.

Cabernet Gernischt

This red wine grape variety is originally believed to have a European origin and is mostly known as similar to the red wine grape variety called Cabernet Franc.

This red grape variety has also been proven as genetically identical to a grape variety Carmenere. The most notable regions where the production of this red wine grape is found in abundance are Ningxia as well as Shandong provinces of China.

There have been a number of notions entertained by the people in regard to the origin of this grape variety. The name of this grape is a German-sounding name and therefore there has always been a confirmation in terms of the identity of this variety of red wine grape.

Wine grape varieties

According to some researchers, this variety of red wine grape has arrived in China from a German province called Bordeaux. None of the studies; however come to the conclusion in regard to the identity of this variety of grape.

Some studies agree upon the confirmation that this grape variety is a crossing between two different grape varieties. As reported by a few sources, Cabernet Gernischt is actually a Cabernet Franc.

While other sources believe that this grape variety is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Cabernet Franc.

Furthermore, a DNA profiling carried out by Jose Vouillamoz, a grape geneticist confirms that this grape variety shares a very close relationship with these two classic grape varieties from Bordeaux. This profiling also states that this grape variety is in fact a Carmenere.

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This variety of red wine grape finds its origin in the year 1892 where it was taken from France to China and was further cultivated in the very historic winery of Zhang Yu.

Soon, this variety of red wine grape was rose to become one of the most successful grape varieties of China. In the year 2002, this grape variety was registered as a trademark.

To be more specific, the history of this red wine grape variety finds its very origin in the late 19th century, when the epidemic named Phylloxera epidemic happened to destroy most of the vineyards of European countries, most notably that of France.

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During some point of time, the name of this grape variety was altered. However, soon a number of winemakers in the Chinese cities figured out that his grape variety could be the very same grape as Carmenere.

Thus, because of this apprehension, it was mistakenly considered to be a mixed cabernet when this grape variety arrived in China.


This variety of red wine grape comprises of a number of characteristics. It is either used as it is or blended with other varieties of red wine grapes in order to form itself into some of the most flavorful wines of the world.

Mostly, Cabernet Gernischt is blended with its Cabernet cousins. At the same time this grape variety is also used in a number of varietal wines that are highly rich as to their taste.

The wines prepared out of this grape variety are mostly considered as decent wines entertaining all kinds of characteristics that are generally demanded by a good wine on the table.

As far as the structure of the wines produced out of Cabernet Gernischt is concerned, these wines possess the same structure as that of Sauvignon as well as Cabernets Franc.

Some of these wines also possess some spicy and tangy qualities that end up making these wines all the more tasteful. The spicy taste of these wines resembles to the taste of black pepper.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of Cabernet Gernishct are very tasteful as to their nature. Thus, these wines are paired best with the food items such as deep-dish pizza, pepper steak flambéed with cognac and also with the food that have red pepper as their major ingredient.


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