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Cabernet Mitos grapes

by | Dec 9, 2016

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Cabernet Mitos is an excellent variety of red wine grape that is used in the production of various deep colored red wines of the world.

Wine with Cabernet Mitos grapes

This grape does not have any organic inception. In fact, this grape variety has been resulted out of the cross performed between two different varieties of red wine grape namely Blaukrankisch as well as Teinturier du Cher.

The term mitos refers to a German word mitosis, which means a stage in a cell cycle. This variety of red wine grape was given a varietal protection. At the same time, this grape variety was also released for a general cultivation on the 24th of January in the year 2001.

The vines of this red wine grape variety entertain good winter hardiness. In the year 2006, around 317 hectares or 780 acres of land area was covered in the vines of Cabernet Mitos in Germany, which as a result increased the trend of plantation of this red wine grape in that particular region.

Wine grape varieties

The wines produced out of Cabernet Mitos are full bodied and are very much rich in tannin. These wines also compliment the traditional oak barrel aging.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety as very much similar to the fragrances and aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon. They are very flavorful as to their taste and are preferred by a majority of wine-lovers on their dining table.

This red wine grape is also known under the synonyms/breeding code of We 70-77-4 F as well as Weinsberg 70-77-4 F.


Cabernet Mitos is a variety of red wine grape which is the result of the cross performed between two different grape varieties namely Teinturier du Cher and Blaufrankisch.

This cross between the two grapes was carried out in the year 1970 at a breeding institute located in Weinsberg in the Wurttemberg wine region in Germany.

The approval of the breeding as well as the Plant Variety Protection was issued in the year 2001. Soon after the breeding, this grape variety also occupied its portions in the region of Switzerland.

However, this was not the only belief. According to the previous beliefs, Cabernet Mitos was the result of the cross carried out in between Cabernet Sauvignon and Blaufrankisch, as reported by the breeders themselves. However, this notion was later corrected by the way of DNA analysis in the year 2013.


This variety of red wine grape possesses a number of positive as well as admirable characteristics. In terms of the taste, this grape variety is very much similar to its parent grape, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vines of this red wine grape variety demand a fertile soil and they grow at their best in a warm location as well as hot climate.

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The berries of this grape varieties are bluish-black in color. Part They are small as their size and ripen a little late. At the same time, this variety of red wine grape is one hardy variety and entertains a fair cold-resistance. These vines take a longer time in order to ripen completely in the vineyard.

Due to its property of a deep purple color, this grape is mostly used in order to add pigment to all the light-colored wines.  All the wines made out of this red wine grape variety are full-bodied.

Also, their response to barrel maturation is pretty admirable. The vines of this grape variety demand top-quality sites in order to flourish well. All the wines produced out of this grape variety are very much high as to their density.

They are pleasant as to the level of tannin and are intense as to their characteristics. The dark red color of these wines is simply admirable. The berries Cabernet Mitos are bottled as a cuvee partner along with various other varieties of grape.

Food pairing

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very well paired with a number of food items.

These wines taste their best when paired with the food like mature cheddar cheese, veal schnitzel along with garlic potatoes as well as a steak sandwich with caramelized onion.


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Michael Bredahl

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